MSI Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC Announced

MSI Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC Announced

A brand-new platform that combines small form factor with outstanding performance

MSI has announced the launch of its new-generation barebone PC system: the Hetis H81 series. This series uses the latest Intel® H81 chipset, and support the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, the high performance processor of its kind to have the graphics processing unit (GPU) and CPU integrated onto the one chip, while also building a set of visual functions into the chip that ensure higher image quality when viewing video content or photos. Furthermore, Hetis H81 is capable to install two full-height and half-length PCI cards. MSI integrates all these features into a slim tower system with equal performance comparing with regular PC.

MSI Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC Announced

Meeting the needs of business users

Besides its comprehensive range of input/output interfaces, MSI’s Hetis H81 also has two COM ports to support use in business environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, mass merchandisers and filling stations. These COM ports make it possible to link the PC up directly to a barcode reader, credit card reader or credit card terminal; the MSI Hetis H81 is thus ideal for use not only by individuals and in office environments, but also for other business purposes. Security is particularly important for PCs that will be used in a business environment. MSI’s Hetis H81 provides a large number of security measures, including a PC security lock to prevent theft, and an additional chassis intrusion detection feature. The Hetis H81 can optionally also be equipped with a TPM security module to provide an even higher level of protection for personal data.

Flexible Extension Capability

Even though Hetis H81 is a small system, MSI specially designed the extension card, and make the extension PCI to be possible. Hetis H81 is capable to install two full-height and half-length PCI / PCI-E. It is the remarkable capability on a small system, and this capability provide users a more flexible to upgrade this system and making it meet the verity of usage.

MSI Hetis H81 Specification

CPU: Intel 4th Generation Pentium / Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7, LGA 1150 Processors, MAX TDP 84W
Chipset: Intel H81 Chipset
HDD: 3.5″ HDD x 1 , Up to 2TB
ODD: 5.25 ODD x 1
Memory: DDR3 / Long-DIMM x 2 / Max to 16GB
Graphic: Integrated Intel® HD Graphic, Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) Technology
Power Supply: 80 Plus 270W
Rear I/O: 1. USB 2.0 x4 / RJ45 LAN port, 2. VGA out / DVI out / HDMI-out, 3. Mic-In / Line-In / Line-out(Headphone out), 4. E-SATA x 1, 5. COM Port x 2, 6. PS/2 x 2
Front I/O: 7. USB 3.0 x2. 8. Mic-In & Headphone out
Expansion Slot(optional): PCI + PCI-E / PCI x 2 (Full-Height , Half-Length)
Color Plan: Black
Dimension: 330 x 94 x 320 mm, 10 Liter
OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1

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