ADATA PC500 Power Bank Launched

ADATA PC500 Power Bank Launched

Brings Stylish and Colorful Staying Power to Mobile Devices

ADATA™ Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, has launched the Choice series PC500 power bank, a colorful and stylish charging accessory that packs the power needed to keep smartphones and tablet computers running.

ADATA PC500 Power Bank Launched

As the need for robust and portable charging devices increases along with the surging use of smartphones and tablet computers, ADATA has moved quickly to develop and bring to market a line of mobile accessories that satisfy quickly changing consumer demands. The PC500 power bank is the latest in this lineup, with a Li-polymer battery that packs a hefty 5000 mAh charging capacity. With 2.1 Amperes of current, it provides fast charging capability that can shorten the charging time. Additionally, the PC500 has comprehensive safety features, including overcharge/discharge protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage/overcurrent protection, NTC over-temperature protection, and auto shut-off.

Visually, the PC500 power bank features a beautiful patterned exterior, and comes in color choices of pink and turquoise. The current charge level can be read on the external LED indicator, and the power bank comes with a beautifully decorated felt carry pouch. An extra-long USB charging cable allows one to charge your phone while carrying the PC500 in a purse or bag. Overall, the PC500 is geared towards maximum charging convenience for users of mobile devices, while helping the fashion-conscious delightfully accent their own personal sense of style.

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