Infinite Crisis Beta Video Game Review


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Infinite Crisis Beta Video Game Review

by Jason Maxfield

Infinite Crisis is a DC comics hero based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Developed by Turbine Inc., in conjunction with Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. This is sure to get DC comics fans pumped!

Currently the game has servers in North America, Europe, and Russia. I’m not sure on future plans for expansion in Asian or South American regions.

Infinite Crisis is currently in beta, and does not have a release date at the time of this writing. I’m kind of glad to see this. I hope this means time will be taken to take care of issues properly before release and not rushed like some other games have been in the past and have had several teething issues attached to them because of deadlines or other problems.


Menus and Options

The main gaming screen is laid out with a few options: A scrolling window of champions, practice mode window, training videos, and a set of icons at the top right of the screen for shop, home, options, stats, help, and log-out. Also, at the bottom of the screen is a friends and notifications tabs for managing all of your social functions.

The options menu covers your video, game-play, audio, key-binds, interface, etc. etc. Interestingly, under the general tab, there is a twitch.tv check box. At the moment I can’t confirm if this is going to support streaming with their own client or not. I’m assuming that’s what it is for in the future, but checking the box currently appears to do nothing.


I do want to point out that the home page is in full screen, so while waiting in a queue minimizing the game will not alert you when your queue is ready. The only thing you will see is the icon flashing yellow at the bottom of your task bar. This is something I think many have complained about and Turbine might change how the home page is done in the future. This is beta after all, so things are always subject to change.



This is where you can purchase champions, costumes, crisis coins, stolen powers, and bundles. The shop is laid out fairly well. Everything is packaged and categorized in similar fashion to League of Legends (LoL) and is straight forward.

As with LoL, you have options to use 2 types of currency, in this case, crisis coins or merit. Merit is earned by completing PvP matches. Wins and losses will help determine the amount that you earn. Merit can be used to purchase most items.

Take note: Bundles can only be purchased with crisis coins. Stolen powers can only be purchased with merit.

Character Selection

There is a host of DC favorites here. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, and variants from the 52 worlds of the DC Multiverse.


You begin with a small champion pool. This is a rotating champion selection (I believe), not unlike LoL you can purchase new champions and champion costumes with crisis coins or merit. So far from what I can tell, you have your mix of bruisers, ranged, and support type of champions. There are currently 27 champions available to purchase at the time of this writing.


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