GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7 Gaming Tablet Introduced

GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7 Gaming Tablet Introduced

The fastest 7-inch tablet in the world! Do more, hear more and play more!

GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of premium hardware, is pleased to announce a new gaming grade tablet – GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7, the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet. Powered by an NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 processor and a 72-core NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU, TEGRA NOTE 7 gives you a blazing graphics and great battery life. Gaming, video, and web browsing performance all come to life 50% faster with the lightning-fast GIGABYTE TEGRA Note 7. Chisel-tip stylus provides an incredible writing experience. 5 megapixel always-on HDR camera captures exactly what your eye sees. Front facing stereo speakers with a bass reflex port deliver 380-12000 Hz frequency response. The 16GB memory and the 4100 mAh long life battery provide you with an astounding 10 hours of HD video playback experience! Now, are you ready to have this amazing GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7?

GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7 Gaming Tablet Introduced

Do More. Creative freedom!

Compose and create on the fly using the incredibly intuitive NVIDIA DirectStylusTM pen. Smooth, fine lines and broader strokes all flow from your hand in a way you’ve never seen before on a tablet.

Hear More. Booming media!

Get amazing video and wall-thumping sound that drives even your most extreme media. Whether you’re watching HD videos or pumping up your favorite music, crazy-fast Tegra 4 processor and NVIDIA PureAudioTM stereo front-facing speakers put you at the center of it all. Even more, you can also capture the perfect shot, every time, with HDR always-on camera that responds to the toughest lighting conditions. Tap-to-track function allows automatically tracking, focusing, and exposing of the object chosen in the frame.

Play More. The best gaming tablet on-the-go!

Powered by an NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 processor, GIGABYTE TEGRA NOTE 7 is the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet and hits the road with the perfect traveling companion. Loving playing games? This is the perfect gear to play all the latest Tegra-optimized games—available through NVIDIA TegraZone™. Features with 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU, you can get the best gaming effects and performance while playing with Tegra NOTE 7. Incredible gaming details such as realistic lighting, higher resolution textures, more background objects, and more shadow effects make your games more fun.

For more details about GIGABYTE TEGRA Note 7, please visit the official website:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GIGABYTE.VGA

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