Accessory Power GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD Real Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker Debuts

Accessory Power GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD Real Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker Debuts

The new GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD Portable Bluetooth Speaker uses real wood to embrace the crisp, acoustically natural sound of music

GOgroove by Accessory Power is pleased to introduce the new BlueSYNC WUD Portable Bluetooth Speaker to its full length line of natural wood products. With a rechargeable, compact Bluetooth design, this speaker provides quality sound without the limitations of space and wires.

The GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD Portable Bluetooth Speaker has all the style of a 50’s analog radio with the modern functionality of today’s electronics. The speaker is made with a retro leather handle for portability and three pieces of solid wood that have been hollowed out to hold the inner workings of the device. The two-tone wooden body with horizontal slots across the face produces acoustically natural sounds from music, podcasts, phone calls and more.

Accessory Power GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD Real Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker Debuts

The BlueSYNC WUD is equipped with built-in high-quality speakers, bright treble, and deep bass encompassed in a compact, real wood shell. The speaker uses a single knob to control volume, pairing, power, and play/pause to make operating the speaker quick and easy. In addition to the control knob, the WUD has an onboard microphone for hands-free calling. The music fades out as a call comes in and returns after the call has ended. The WUD creates a comfortable audio environment for both music and phone calls.

The speaker readily pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and has the latest NFC technology, which allows “tap to pair” functionality for supported devices. NFC technology skips the cumbersome Bluetooth process functioning simply by tapping a NFC equipped phone to the speaker. The BlueSYNC WUD is equipped with a built-in high-capacity lithium battery that can play 4 continuous hours of music on high volume or up to 8 hours on medium volume levels. Simply charge it up using the included micro-USB charging cable. The BlueSYNC WUD provides quality sound with an environmental look to bring warmth to any room.

Like all Accessory Power products, the GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. To register your product or to receive more information on the new GOgroove BlueSYNC WUD or Accessory Power, please visit www.accessorypower.com.

About Accessory Power

Accessory Power is located in the rolling hills of Southern California. Over the past 30 years we have grown to be an internationally recognized design and manufacturing company, with offices in United States, Asia and Europe. Our unrelenting commitment to the quality of every product is backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty.

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