PureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain Smartphone Case Released

PureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain Smartphone Case ReleasedPureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain Smartphone Case Released

PureGear continues to raise the bar in mobile device protection with the new DualTek XT for Extreme Terrain; rugged older brother to the DualTek Extreme Shock Case. The case is Military Standard Approved for its ability to protect the iPhone in harsh conditions including: exposure to dust, sand, raindrops, or splashes of water. The protective case maintains a sleek design for easy access to power buttons and port

The DualTek XT features several layers of shock absorbing protection. A tight-seal and weather resistant cover with an IP65 rating provide 360˚ dust and splash proof protection. The outer case comes fully equipped with corner impact protection and an attachable wristlet; making the DualTek XT the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. Non-slip rubber finish and side grips reduce the risk of your phone sliding out of your hands, even when they may be sweaty or wet.


The DualTek XT’s acoustic weatherproof vents provide easy access to media, while the mute cover button prevents accidental damage from splashes. The case is constructed with an innovative two-piece design that combines a rigid outer case, built-in screen protection, and a padded inner case that provides a new level of extreme protection against drops or impact.

The DualTek XT is currently available for the iPhone 5S/5 in black/gray and black/blue for $49.99 at PureGear.com.

About PureGear

At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why we design reliable mobile device accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Our products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play. We’re also committed to providing you with premium quality at an affordable price. After all, we understand that devices change faster than your kids’ favorite toys, the latest diet fads…possibly even the stock market. With this in mind, it is our goal at PureGear to simply enrich your everyday mobile life experiences while respecting your wallet and our world.

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