Resident Audio T4 Bus-Powered Multichannel Thunderbolt Interface Introduced

Resident Audio T4 Bus-Powered Multichannel Thunderbolt Interface Introduced

Resident Audio T4 provides four channels of near-zero latency audio

Resident Audio, a new company dedicated to designing and creating cutting-edge audio tools, has introduced the T4, the first multichannel Thunderbolt® audio interface which requires no external power.

The portable T4 adds four channels of audio I/O to Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and Windows computers and can easily be integrated into any live performance rig or home studio. It comes with all required software drivers and offers a number of innovative features such as a “Big Knob” master output control, an Input Mix control for blending live signal with computer playback, and Smart Monitoring, which automatically switches between stereo and mono depending upon input configuration.

Resident Audio T4 Bus-Powered Multichannel Thunderbolt Interface Introduced

The T4 supports 24-bit/96kHz audio with near-zero latency for virtually instantaneous recording and playback. It provides four combo XLR / TRS / TS inputs for the connection of microphones, instruments and line-level devices. In addition, there are four balanced TRS outputs and both main and secondary headphone outputs. Phantom power is available for all inputs, and tactile gain controls with three-color wraparound LEDs allow optimum levels to be set quickly even in low-light onstage environments. MAP for the T4 is $499.99.

“We may be a new enterprise but our team has a long history in the audio industry” said Resident Audio product manager Eric Battin.  “The T4 brings a new level of portability and functionality to musicians, producers and DJs everywhere. In live performance, it turns your laptop into an instrument with multiple outputs; in recording environments it opens up a myriad of possibilities.”

About Thunderbolt®:

Developed by Intel Labs in collaboration with Apple, Thunderbolt is the most advanced input/output (I/O) protocol available today. Twice as fast as USB 3.0, twenty times faster than USB 2.0 and twelve times faster than Firewire 800, it provides unparalleled audio performance with near-zero latency.

About Resident Audio™:

Resident Audio is a company of innovators. Founded in 2012 by a group of veteran software and hardware engineers, our goal is to design and create cutting-edge audio tools that not only sound amazing, but look and feel great too.

For more information, please visit www.residentaudio.com or contact Resident Audio at [email protected]

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