Scosche superCUBE and superCUBE Flip Wall Chargers Launched

Scosche superCUBE and superCUBE Flip Wall Chargers Launched

The Smallest 12W Wall Chargers

Scosche is excited to announce the availability of the superCUBE, the smallest universal 12W (2.1A) USB wall charger on the market, and superCUBE flip.  The superCUBE is 40% smaller than other 12W chargers, while the slightly larger superCUBE flip features flush folding prongs.

Both superCUBE models are iOS and Android compatible and utilize intelligent charging circuitry to charge USB powered devices at the fastest rate possible regardless of make or model. The clever wall chargers immediately recognize the draw and supply the necessary power accordingly.

Scosche superCUBE and superCUBE Flip Wall Chargers Launched

The superCUBE chargers take up little space when plugged in, providing easy access to other outlet ports and making them an ideal travel partner for power hungry tablets and smartphones.

superCUBE and superCUBE Flip are available now for $19.99 at Scosche.com and other fine retailers.

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About Scosche Industries:

Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries Inc., is one of the world’s leading innovators of mobile accessories, car audio products and wearable technology.  Inspired by the beautiful coastline and an active lifestyle, the company injects Southern California culture into all of its products. Scosche has received several of the consumer electronics industry’s highest awards and is continually pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Learn more about Scosche’s complete product line at Scosche.com, facebook.com/scosche, twitter.com/scosche and instagram.com/scoscheinc.

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