LUXA2 PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack Unveiled

LUXA2 PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack Unveiled

Leather Power Returns in the Shape of LUXA2’s New PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack

LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, today announced a new addition to their highly successful leather power pack series, the new PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack. Designed to charge your USB enabled compatible device, and at the same time, provide a sense of sophistication and elegance that will ultimately leave you turning heads – even when not in use.

LUXA2 PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack Unveiled

Quality, performance and reliability are at the heart of all LUXA2 portable battery packs and the PL3 is no exception. Its leather skin has been hand stitched with skilled craftsmanship and care, packs a huge 10,400mAh Samsung li-ion battery cell that translates to an added 100 to 300 percent increase in battery life for your device, and supports fast charging with dual USB ports for multiple charging of your devices simultaneously.

Offering up to a mammoth 1000 charge cycles and the provision of LUXA2’s standard 2-year warranty, users can rest assured that quality, performance and reliability are at the heart of all LUXA2 portable battery packs.

Stunningly powerful for all your power lifestyle needs, the PL3 is not going to disappoint.

Key features include:

High Quality 10400mAh Samsung Li-Ion Cell
Fast Charging (5V2.1A, 5V1A) Dual USB Ports
PU leather for genuine leather-like touch feel
2 year warranty
1000 cycle charges
Truly compact for added convenience
LED Battery status indicator
Certified for overall reliability (CE, FOC, RoHS)

PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack suggested price : USD 59.99

Further information about PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Pack is available online: http://luxa2.com/Power_Solution/126/_NEW_PL3_10_400mAh_Leather_Power_Bank/product.htm

LUXA2 official website: http://www.LUXA2.com

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LUXA2 official website: http://www.LUXA2.com