Marshall Mode & Mode EQ In-Ear Headphones Introduced

Marshall Mode & Mode EQ In-Ear Headphones Introduced

Marshall Headphones and Speakers Together with Marshall Amplification Proudly Presents the Release of Two New In-Ear Headphones. Let Us Introduce: Mode and Mode EQ, Marshall Headphones Two Latest Models Launching in Berlin at IFA.

Marshall Headphones’ Mode and Mode EQ offer huge sound in a small package. Customized drivers deliver high-output sound at minimal distortion, and the unique in-ear design anchors to your ear, while still providing a comfortable fit. The Mode comes in black with white brass, and the Mode EQ comes in back gold brass. Listen to your favorite music with reduced distortion and longer durability thanks to the customized cord material and L-plug, while the smaller and separate microphone design reduces microphonics.

Marshall Mode & Mode EQ In-Ear Headphones Introduced

The remote feature with an updated wire clip allows you to easily attach the headphones to your t-shirt. Click once to answer incoming calls or hang up, as well as to play and pause your music. Click twice to fast forward and click three times to rewind.

The Mode EQ features a unique EQ switch on the remote, allowing you to customize your sound experience even more and to choose between two sound setups. EQ I is for those who prefer a warmer, bass-heavy sound. EQ II is for those who prefer their music brighter, with an emphasis on mids and highs. The four different supplementary size sleeves allow you to find your perfect fit.

Designed with the trademark Marshall script “M” logo on the ear cap, the Mode and Mode EQ are right at home with the rest of your Marshall collection.

The Marshall Mode and Mode EQ will be available for $69 USD and $99 USD respectively atMarshallHeadphones.com and other national retailers.

About Marshall Headphones:

Marshall is a true rock legend. That uniquely clear and expressive sound combined with a mythical stage presence has enraptured music fans around the world for five decades. We’re celebrating the brand’s rich heritage with commemorative products that live and breathe Marshall.

The legacy begins in a small drum shop in Hanwell in the 1960s, where Jim Marshall sought to give a bunch of then-local guitarists the sound they wanted – a sound that was harder, crunchier and richer. The result was the JTM45, an amp that reverberated with a sound that was much heavier than anything ever heard before. And in a twist of rock and roll fate – those guitarists, much like the Marshall name, would go on to revolutionize music forever.

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