Mach Xtreme Technology Secure SEC USB 3.0 Flash Drives Launched

Mach Xtreme Technology Secure SEC USB 3.0 Flash Drives Launched

Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, today launched SEC™ Series USB3.0 flash drives. The MX-SEC is based on a native USB 3.0 controller chip and implementing 256-bit advanced software encryption technology. It is a reliable USB 3.0 peripheral for those who demand leading-edge data security without paying more.

MX-SEC USB 3.0 flash drives address the need of secure and reliable data storage with AES 256-bit encryption; ensuring sensitive data stored on the USB cannot be compromised. MX Technology has incorporated a cutting-edge Secure Drive EX 2 software encryption that will protect important business and personal files against any unauthorized access by placing them in a secure, encrypted and password protected Private partition. With an intuitive multi-lingual interface, user can freely create private and public partitions.

Mach Xtreme Technology Secure SEC USB 3.0 Flash Drives Launched

Mach Xtreme SEC flash drive comes in 8GB to 256GB flavors. All this combined with 2-Years warranty and consumer friendly pricing nominates MX-Technology SEC™ Series USB 3.0 flash drive as the best 256-bit software encrypted drive on the market.

SEC™ Series USB 3.0 Flash Drives at A Glance:

•        USB 3.0 Interface
•        AES 256-bit Software Encryption
•        Flexible Private and Public partitions
•        Shock and vibrations resistant
•        Compact and easy to carry: 57.0mm x 17.0mm x 7.5mm
•        Lightweight: 8.5g
•        Certification: ROHS, CE, FCC
•    Capacity: 8GB (MXUB3MAEX-8G), 16GB (MXUB3MAEX-16G), 32GB (MXUB3MAEX-32G), 64GB (MXUB3MAEX-64G), 128GB (MXUB3MAEX-128G) and 256GB (MXUB3MAEX-256G)
•        Warranty: 2-Years

 About Mach Xtreme Technology

Mach Xtreme Technology was established in early 2010 and is constructed of a combination of elite professionals who have had years of exceptional exposure and involvement in the storage industry. MX-Technology achieves the highest performance possible through it’s continuous research & development which ensures rapid advancements of SSD, memory and Flash drives. MX-Technology enable their customers to achieve maximum efficiency with matching performance to make time spent on work more convenient and productive. MX-Technology through their full dedication and commitment, it’s users will be able to continually enjoy the latest high performance products with ultimate reliability at a competitive price point.

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