Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review


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Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review

By Joe Gulczinski

Manufacturer: COUGAR
Product Name: Cougar 700M / Cougar Speed-L
Model Number: CGR-WLMS-700 / CGR-BBROH4L-SPE
UPC: 871520004546 / 871520004997
Price As Tested: $73.21 (Amazon)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by COUGAR.

Cougar, in expanding their line-up of peripherals, has recently added mice and keyboards to the mix.Today Benchmark Reviews examines Cougar’s second mouse released to the market: The 700M. Designed from the ground-up, the Cougar 700M boasts having a solid metal chassis, added functionality while embracing ergonomics, and a top-tier laser sensor. At first it appears that the 700M shares an amalgamation of characteristics from other popular high-end mice such as the Cyborg Rat7 and the Thermaltake Level 10M; however, it is in the execution and design that makes this product different.c-intro Cougar also shipped a complimentary mouse pad along, the Cougar Speed-L. The mouse pad will be also examined and used in all tests. Before the in-depth breakdown, take a look at the features and specifications for both products below.


Cougar 700M Mouse

  • 8200 DPI ADNS-9800 laser sensor.
  • Aluminum framing structure with “Muzzle Break” cord-control.
  • Multi-color profile backlight (16.8 million colors).
  • 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor and 512KB on-board memory.
  • 45 degree Sniper Button and additional ergonomic Fire Button.
  • Weight adjustment for up to 14 additional grams.
  • Tool-less palm rest adjustment with interchangeable palm rests.
  • Unique anti-slip design.

Cougar Gaming Mouse Pad (Speed-L)

  • High-Definition Texture Surface (provides swiftness and smoothness).
  • Optimized 4mm thickness.
  • Right angle wave structure with anti-slip rubber base (provides better stability).
  • Edge heated process increases durability and brings a tidy fringe quality.



Product Name Cougar 700M Product Name Cougar Speed-L
Laser Sensor / DPI ADNS-9800 / 8200 Width (mm / inch) 450 / 17.7
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms Length (mm / inch) 400 / 15.7
Omron Switches 8 Thickness (mm / inch) 4 / 0.16
Frame Rate 12000 FPS Surface Material Polyester Fabric
Max Track Speed 150 IPS Surface Color Black
Max Acceleration 30G Base Material Rubber
Cable length 1.8m braided Base Color COUGAR Orange
Dimension 127x83x38mm
Weight 130g  .                      .


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