Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader Shipped

Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader Shipped

New Kindle Voyage is the thinnest, most advanced Kindle ever, with our brightest, highest resolution, and highest contrast display, plus reimagined page turns

Amazon today announced that the new Kindle Voyage–the most advanced Kindle ever–starts shipping today. Kindle Voyage features an all-new design, with our brightest, highest resolution, and highest contrast display, and reimagined page turns. Order now for $199 at www.amazon.com/kindle-voyage.

Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader Shipped

“Kindle Voyage is designed to disappear so you can lose yourself in a story,” said Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices. “This is the most advanced Kindle we’ve ever built. Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re working to build more as fast as we can. We can’t wait to get Kindle Voyage into the hands of readers starting today.”

Early reviews are in:

“…You don’t just forget that you’re reading an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all.” – The New York Times
“There’s no two ways about it: The Voyage’s screen is downright phenomenal.” – Engadget
“The Kindle Voyage represents the state of the art in ereaders in almost every way imaginable.” – Mashable
“This is the best E Ink e-reader I’ve used, and it’s unquestionably the best that Amazon has ever made.” – The Verge
“Kindle Voyage is the new gold standard in e-reading…” – Re/code
“Amazon’s latest, seventh-generation Kindle device, the Voyage, makes reading e-books a dream” – Business Insider
“Any number of devices do a fine job as book readers. But if you love reading…you want a Kindle Voyage… Feature after feature has been optimized for the reading experience.” – Chicago Sun-Times
“It’s undeniably great hardware, the best in its class…” – Ars Technica
“The screen is sublime, the page-flipping buttons are a feature some (including myself) having been clamoring for on a high-end ereader.” – The Next Web
“In short, I love e-ink devices, and the Voyage is the best of them.” – TechCrunch
“It’s the best display I’ve ever seen on an e-reader, and maybe more importantly the best-frontlit display. Pages turn about as quickly as it takes to snap your fingers, which incidentally feels like a delightful magic trick.” – Gizmodo
“Amazon’s latest ebook reader is not only the best one it has ever made, it’s the best ebook reader currently available.” – PC Magazine
“It’s thinner, faster, brighter, lighter, newer, has a better screen, has more memory (4GB vs last year’s Paperwhite’s 2GB) commands more magical elf armies, owns a Ferrari, and is nicer to your grandmother.” -WIRED
“The Kindle Voyage is undoubtedly the best ereader Amazon has produced. Its display is superb…” – SlashGear
“Kindle Voyage does the best job of any e-reader so far in duplicating the ease of reading an actual book…” – Washington Post
“The Amazon Kindle Voyage looks downright sexy; it’s sleek, thin and lightweight.” – Laptop Magazine

Customers can order Kindle Voyage now at www.amazon.com/kindle-voyage as well as the newly designed origami-style cover. The new origami cover is inspired by the best-selling Origami covers for Fire tablets, and provides a stand for both portrait and landscape positions. Origami covers attach magnetically so they are easy to take on and off, and automatically turn your Kindle Voyage on and off when you open and close the cover. The cover is available starting at $44.99.

For high-resolution images, visit www.amazon.com/pr/kindle.

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