Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle Operating Interface Connector Unveiled

Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle Operating Interface Connector Unveiled

Family digital revolution that uses intelligence to create miracles

By Lantic Technology

With the arrival of smart mobile devices, the open and rapidly developing Android system and the universal APP applications have allowed the consumers to connect and use various mobile devices together; this not only allowed them to have quick and convenient multimedia, entertainment and work experiences, but also integrated them into their family lives. The Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle transfers the mobile phone and tablet PC’s operating interface onto a TV, allowing users to vastly increase the functions of their TVs at home without having to spend loads of money purchasing a new smart TV. All it requires is one simple action and a few settings to turn any TV at home into a multi-function smart device just like a mobile phone or tablet PC, allowing you to view the latest programs, enjoy pop music, play all kinds of games and surf the internet while sitting comfortably on your sofa.

Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle Operating Interface Connector Unveiled

Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle

One of the common problems that current commercially available TV dongle products have is poor wireless internet signal reception; Lantic 彩虹奇機Android Smart TV Dongle uses the Mediatek 150M broadband chip, which allows quick, fierce and accurate signal reception. It also uses the currently latest Android version in the industry (4.2.2 system), so it has better application support and smoother operations. Using it with an APP downloaded on an Android mobile phone allows it to support innovative Wifi Display (Miracast) technology, allowing all wireless devices to directly share video screens through the internet and play the video contents on remote multimedia devices without the need to find various types of cables and converters to connect them together.

In addition, using the Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote control, even a game pad, allowing you to easily enjoy and experience touch APP games (such as racing/shooting/fighting games etc.); its functions have surpassed all other commercial TV dongles currently available on the market, achieving comprehensive and perfect functions. Also, in addition to the multimedia function, it can also allow keyboard and mouse to be connected to the TV, and even perform paperwork; it combines multimedia entertainment and business altogether, it can even be referred to as a microcomputer.

Lantic Android Smart TV Dongle

CPU: Rockchip RK3066 1.6G dual-core, high speed computing
GPU: Mali-400MP4 (Quad-core quick video decoding)
Built-in Flash system capacity: Nand Flash 8GB (Highest specification in Taiwan 8GB)
Built-in system RAM: 1GB DDRIII SDRAM
Operating System: Google Android 4.2.2 (Newest system makes it smoother and more stable)
WiFi: Mediatek 802.11 b/g/n (150M)

1. Supports DLNA and Air Play, allowing you to share videos and photos in real-time.
2. Exclusive support for mobile phone remote control, allowing you to use your mobile phone to play and experience racing games.
3. Built-in WiFi Display that supports mobile phone and TV synchronization function (this function also requires the mobile phone to have synchronization support).
4. Built-in high speed Mediatek 150M 802.11 b/g/n wireless internet chip.

About Lantic Technology

Lantic Technology is a developer of 3D graphics processing technology. By drawing on its extensive past experience in Europe and around the world, Lantic seeks to help consumers overcome bottlenecks in technology. The company offers consumers a comprehensive sales and distribution network that will, in the future, be backed by a complete sales and support network. Lantic develops custom products tailored to meet consumer requirements on quality, price and service. With Lantic products, consumers can expect the best user experience and product guarantees. The perfect balance between performance, quality, price and service is the goal of Lantic as well as the pursuit of extreme performance and overclockability. Only the best materials and latest technologies are used to deliver the highest cost-to-performance ratios. With 24-hour customer support and courier pick-up throughout Taiwan, Lantic insists on the highest standards every step of the way.

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