Rapoo 8000 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard Set Announced

Rapoo 8000 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard Set Announced

Spill-resistant keyboard with a precision mouse for an easy, efficient desktop experience

Rapoo combines fashion and efficiency with the 8000, a mouse and keyboard set for the home or office desktop.  The minimalist, boldly-accented peripherals will grab the attention of those looking to add a touch of color to their space while the high-performance technology will appeal to power users.

The keyboard is elegant and sleek with a bright accent color that will make it a focal point of any desktop.  The 8000 is spill-resistant so it will hold up to those accidental yet inevitable drips and splashes from the cup of coffee or glass of water that serves as a staple of most busy workplaces.

Rapoo 8000 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard Set Announced

The wireless keyboard eliminates a cluttered space, and it runs on a reliable 2.4 GHz connection with a range of 10 meters and 360 degree coverage.  It boasts 79 scissor keys including customizable multimedia keys for an easy user experience.

The keyboard’s impressive and durable battery lasts up to one year so the user can expect uninterrupted use during that time period.  This is due to Rapoo’s latest energy-saving technology which is incorporated into many of its wireless peripherals.

The high resolution mouse offers the user complete control, precision accuracy, and fluid movements with its 1000 DPI optical sensor.  The mouse works with the included Nano USB receiver which eliminates the need for wires.

The 8000 wireless optical mouse and keyboard combo is available in four colors:  black/blue, black/green, black/gray, and white/pink.  It retails for $19.99 at Walmart.com and other fine retailers.

About Rapoo:

Following its inception in 2002, Rapoo has pioneered innovative and high-quality wireless peripheral products to more than 40 countries around the world. Each of its products exemplifies a core group of company values: superior quality and cutting-edge design with unrivaled value propositions. Notable technical accolades include the 5GHz wireless standard and international award-winning designs.

Rapoo’s longevity and sustainability is due to its steadfast commitment to designing, developing and manufacturing a variety of versatile wireless products that enhance the lives of consumers. Always one step ahead of the industry, Rapoo is equipped with an in-house R&D and Design team and its own state-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant to take charge of all products from conception to execution.

The China-based company works to achieve its goal of evolving and progressing into one of the world’s three largest manufacturers in the wireless peripherals segment by 2016. www.rapoo.com

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