Urbanears SS15 Color Collection Headphones Introduced

Urbanears SS15 Color Collection Headphones Introduced

We’re proud to introduce our new color ways for Spring/Summer 2015. Just like the sun during spring, we’re bringing you more light and color into your life. We took inspiration from everything we love about the season and created three “sweet as ice-cream” colors to cool down with. Out came Jam, Chick and Mint.

Urbanears SS15 Color Collection Headphones Introduced

Urbanears’ color collection for SS15, is available now at Urbanears retailers worldwide and online atUrbanears.com.


Let a pair of headphones in this deep pink be the jam on your fashiontoast. Not only will a pair of headphones in this delicious color bring a bright dash of sweetness to any outfit. They will also accompany any jamming sessions you plug
in to them.


Headphones in Chick are just bound to make you chic. With a color as bright as the sun, your headphones are sure to make any outfit shine. Match the sun or enlighten a rainy day with this light and tangy yellow. Chick fits any occasion and it’s exactly this versatility that makes it look good on anyone – no matter if you’re old and wise or newly hatched.


Mint in its light and icy green shade, is sure to be one of our coolest colors. Mint is as fresh as a newly made mojito, an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day or as your breath when kissing someone you fancy. A pair of headphones in this color is sure to bring you a refreshing music experience. With these in your accessory collection you’ll be in mint condition all day, everyday.


Urbanears releases two color collections each year – one for the Spring/Summer season and one for the Fall/Winter season. Each collection features three new colors that once have been sold out may not return. We carry over two colors from previous seasons each time in addition to five standard shades that are always in our collection. The result is a grand total of 10 fresh and hand- picked colors each season. In addition to this, we release a handful of Urbanears Editions, which are special models with a little something extra.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Urbanears makes headphones that fit your everyday life. Supplying the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it, Urbanears models are designed to optimize sound and captivate self-aware customers by matching preferences in size, style, design, function and relation to music.

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