Rosewill Galaxy Challenger, Blackbone, and Redbone Gaming Cases Launched

Rosewill Galaxy Challenger, Blackbone, and Redbone Gaming Cases Launched

By Rosewill

Rosewill®, the leading brand of PC components and peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming peripherals, has released the Galaxy Series gaming cases. With top selling mid-towers such as Challenger, Blackbone, and Redbone, the Galaxy Series is expected to continue the budget gaming mid-tower success as Rosewill is increasing its product range to cover all bases between low, mid, and upper end brackets. With a healthy double digit growth in the first half of 2013 for Computer Cases despite the growing decline among competitors, Rosewill® is rising in popularity as it continues to grow and expand within the U.S. and global markets and without delay, driving to spread its influence in markets worldwide online, brick and mortar locations, and through distribution channels.


Rosewill® has always been known for their value and quality and the Galaxy series cases are no exception. Three new cases geared for the entry level of Rosewill®’s case spectrum surprisingly doesn’t feel entry level because they leave nothing to be desired. It comes in any color as long as it’s black with a front 120mm fan with Blue LEDs to accentuate its gaming aesthetics. The Galaxy Series cases are ideal for PC builders and gamers for its large internal capacity with support for large powerful graphics cards, performance CPU Coolers, and a 2.5” superfast SSD. With its $49.99 MSRP, it is definitely a case that will help you hit your target DIY build price.


Performance Cooling

With 3 pre-installed 120mm fans, cool air will be constant and internal components will be shielded from intense heat. With an optional slot on the side panel for an additional 120/140mm fan, the Galaxy Series are definitely cool. The power supply is bottom mounted to allow cool air to be drawn through the pre-installed removable bottom mounted dust filter while also providing a stable platform.


Expansion and Compatibility

Supporting Micro ATX and ATX motherboards, expansion is provided for up to 4 3.5” and 3 5.25” devices and expansion slots for up to 7 add-on cards. VGAs are supported up to 11 inches and CPU Coolers have a clearance of 160mm allowing many upgrade options to choose from when deciding to build your PC. A dedicated slot for a 2.5” SSD is also provided to give your system blazing performance should you choose.



The feather like weight, angled lines, sharp angles, accentuating colors, and a bit of aggressiveness gives the Galaxy Series personality.


Galaxy Series (Left to Right: Galaxy-01, Galaxy-02, Galaxy-03)

Form Factor

Mid Tower

MB Support

Micro ATX, ATX

External 5.25” Drive Bay

Galaxy-01 – 3/2   Galaxy-02 and Galaxy-03 – 3

External 3.5” Drive Bay

Galaxy-01 – 0/1

Internal 3.5” Drive Bay


I/O Panel

1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Mic, Audio (AC97/HD Audio), Reset, Power

Expansion Slots



Top: 1x 120mm fan

Front: 1x 120mm fan with Blue LED

Rear: 1x 140mm fan


Side: 1x 120/140 mm fan


SECC Steel


7.28″ x 16.26″ x 15.55″ (WxHxD)

VGA Compatibility

Up to 11 inch or 249mm in length

CPU Cooler Clearance

Up to 6.2 inch or 160mm

About Rosewill®

Rosewill® Inc. (www.Rosewill®.com) is the leading manufacturer of a vast array of computer hardware, peripherals, consumer electronics, mobile hardware and accessories.  Established in 2004, Rosewill® brings high quality hardware at affordable prices. Formed from a top team of hardware professionals, Rosewill® is dedicated to its mission to compete and succeed on price, quality, and service. Our vision is to become the leading brand in computer hardware and peripherals. We aim to achieve this goal by our integrity, innovative products, and superior customer service.

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