MeeGoPad T02 Windows Mini PC Unveiled

MeeGoPad T02 Windows Mini PC Unveiled

Chinavasion launches the MeeGoPad T02 Windows mini PC as an alternative to the Intel Compute stick at a significantly lower price.

After the successful launch of the MeeGoPad T01, the Mini PC maker now launches the T02 in cooperation with Chinavasion. Differently from the T01, theMeeGoPad T02 now comes a fully licensed Windows 8.1 operating system.

The MeeGoPad T02 PC stick is designed to be plugged directly into a TV’s HDMI port and connected to a power supply. With a keyboard and mouse, the MeeGoPad T02 becomes a fully-fledged PC that’s small enough to be carried in a pocket.

MeeGoPad T02 Windows Mini PC Unveiled

With an Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB of storage the MeeGoPad T02 has a similar specification to the Intel Compute Stick. Ms Rose Li, PR Manager at Chinavasion says, “The MeeGoPad T02 has the same computational power as Intel’s Compute Stick but undercuts its price significantly and offers some improvements from the T01 model.”

Rose Li, Public Relations Manager at Chinavasion said, “Based on feedback from consumers of the MeeGoPad T01, the Chinese manufactures have produced the second version of its popular PC stick with more features, greater connectivity, and made sure it comes with a Windows OS as standard.”

Ms. Li described the main advantages that the MeeGoPad T02 has over the T01, saying, “It has an improved housing that incorporates nanometer material for heat reduction providing better cooling, an audio output to connect external speakers, two full size USB ports and a fully licensed version of Windows 8.1 as standard.”

The Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail processor utilizes ‘Intel Burst Technology’. Ms. Li says, “Burst technology allows this multi-core processor to save energy and power down any unused cores when they are not needed. However, when a higher performance is demanded they can kick in and increase the speed from 1.33 Ghz to 1.83 Ghz.”

Retailing for $119 the MeeGoPad T02 is about the same price as the T01 when it first came out. Ms Rose Li says, “At just $119 the MeeGoPad T02 is competitively priced and with a fully licensed version of Windows it won’t have any of the licensing issues of its predecessor, which is great news for anyone who wants a cheap portable computer.”

Chinavasion is the official distributor of the MeeGoPad T02 and other Android and Windows Mini PC products at Chinese wholesale prices.

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