ASRock Rack EPC612D4I mini-ITX Debuts at Japan IT Week 2015

ASRock Rack EPC612D4I mini-ITX Debuts at Japan IT Week 2015

The innovative server vendor ASRock Rack, specializing in high performance and high-efficiency server technology is presenting the latest innovation in the upcoming Japan IT Week Spring 2015 in Tokyo, Japan, which is Japan’s largest, and most eye-catching exhibition in recent years. There will be more than 85,000 professional visitors and 1,500 exhibitors together in this year in Tokyo, sharing the newest IT technology.

ASRock Rack EPC612D4I mini-ITX Debuts at Japan IT Week 2015

ASRock Rack will showcase the new released EPC612D4I, which has LGA2011-3 socket and four DDR4 ECC DIMM slots on mini-ITX board. The configuration is extensively implemented in blade-type micro servers, mini computing, and rendering machine. While the users are interested in barebone system simultaneously, ASRock Rack will display in the booth 1U12LX, 2U4N-F and 3U8G series, shows off the complete product line for storage, HPC and GPGPU servers.

Visit ASRock Rack at Japan IT Week 2015, May 13th to May 15th at Hall East, booth E32-28. For more information on ASRock Rack’s complete product line of high performance, high-efficiency server, storage and networking solutions, visit www.asrockrack.com

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About ASRock Rack

ASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, specializes in providing high-performance and high-efficiency server technology in the fields of Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, HPC and Datacenter. We adopted the design concept of “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness” from ASRock, and the company devotes passion to think out-of-the-box in the Server Industry. Leveraged by ASRock’s growing momentum and distribution channels, this young and vibrant company targets the booming market of Cloud Computing, and is committed to serve the market with user-friendly, eco-friendly and do-it-yourself Server technology, featuring flexible and reliable products.

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