SOUL Electronics Pulse Fitness Earbuds Introduced

SOUL Electronics Pulse Fitness Earbuds Introduced

SOUL Electronics, a global leader in audio designed for the active and fitness-oriented lifestyle, introduces Pulse, ultra-lightweight earbuds with a wrap-around, reversed fit for both style and comfort.  Weighing only 0.6oz, the Pulse earphones are SOUL’s lightest earphones yet while staying true to the brand’s core elements: power, clarity and comfort.

The Pulse earphones are guaranteed to stay on with a reversed fitting ear lock cable that wraps around the ear and locks tightly into place. This means, with even the most aggressive workouts, your earphones will not fall out.  For those that are active, the water/sweat proof silicon body design is easy to clean no matter how hard you work out.

SOUL Electronics Pulse Fitness Earbuds Introduced

With an active lifestyle and working out, each person has a different preference with how they listen to music.  Some prefer over-the-ear, some prefer earbuds and some may prefer both depending on their work out.  Over-the-ear headphones can be quite heavy and cumbersome and earbuds may not always stay on with more aggressive workouts.

The Pulse earphones help solve both problems.  Since they are ultra-lightweight, runners will enjoy that they do not add excess weight to an already strenuous and long work out.  And, with the wrap around ear locks, they provide the snug fit of an over-the-ear headphone, while maintaining an ear bud look.

“The Pulse earphones are a staple in our SOUL Electronics line, not only for their accessible price point for the consumer, but also for the quality sound that is true to the SOUL brand,” says Jerry Lai, Marketing Manager for SOUL Electronics.  “The functionality and features from the lightweight wrap-around, reversed fit style will make these earphones the ideal option, particularly for the active lifestyle.”

Whether you are running or on-the-go, Pulse earphones also provide a tangle free cable that will eliminate any constant fussing with wires while running or working out.  The universal one button control also provides easy access to answering calls and music playback options increasing the Pulse’s overall functionality for the user.  As always, the advanced driver and circuitry design brings superb sound with clear mids and highs and a strong, deep bass.

Pulse earphones are available for $49 at www.soulelectronics.com or www.amazon.com  in Fire Red and Electric Blue.

About SOUL Electronics

SOUL Electronics is a global leader in consumer electronics and manufacturing with a rich history in delivering innovative technology concepts. Accustomed to pushing the envelope in the consumer electronics world, the group represents a vision for innovative superior designs with state of the art acoustics.

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