ASRock Beebox NUC PC Introduced

ASRock Beebox NUC PC Introduced

Don’t let anybody tell you that small form factor PCs are substandard. Just last week, ASRock’s first Intel® NUC named “Beebox” made its appearance at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015, and it has been turning heads ever since. Even Tom’s Guide found Beebox worthy of recognition and honored it with the Best of COMPUTEX 2015 award!

The design concept of Beebox originated from one of the most common insects – Bees. Those small, light yet fast working invertebrates that harvest scrumptious nectar from flowers. ASRock’s Beebox squeezes a cutting edge Intel®N3000 SoC powered motherboard and other crucial parts into a compact chassis to imitate the characteristics of a Bee, all but the distracting buzzing noise. In fact, Beebox is so silent that it may even be a bedroom PC for handling background processes while you’re sound asleep.

ASRock Beebox NUC PC Introduced

For such a small system, Beebox has unmatched graphics performance. It is the only NUC to break Intel’s limitations, packing two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort for supporting triple monitor, and the awesomeness doesn’t end here. While other manufacturers’ NUCs only support a single channel memory DIMM, ASRock’s Beebox ignores these restrictions again to support dual channel memory. Hence, it’s also the only NUC that is capable of displaying 4K video playback seamlessly, and in addition, it supports the latest HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard H.265 decoding.

Other notable aspects of Beebox include a free bundled remote controller, 802.11ac WiFi, plus it may also work as a wireless access point for other devices. Moreover, aside from the usual Type-A USB ports, once again Beebox is the world’s first NUC with a Type-C USB port that allows devices to charge two times faster. All in all, Beebox is a small, fast and quiet mini PC that’s scheduled to launch in July. Designed to fit in various settings and for a wide range of usages, Home theater PC, bedroom PC, Office Desktop or Industrial digital signage, have it your way!

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