Genius Ring Air Mouse 2 Review


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Genius Ring Air Mouse 2 Review

By Dan McNamara

Manufacturer: Genius, KYE Corporation
Product Name: Ring Mouse 2
Model Number: Sliver: 31030086101; Titanium: 31030086102
UPC: 091163241225
Price As Tested: $40.77 (Amazon | Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample and images used in this article have been provided Genius.

It is not often you find a product that has the potential to change the way you work. The Genius Ring Mouse 2, made by KYE Corporation, is just such a product. I immediately could envision myself, at a presentation, controlling my own work without having to return to the podium, or call on someone to flip through my slides. To me, this alone is enough to justify the purchase price. Benchmark Reviews will test the Ring Mouse 2 to see what it can and cannot do for “business, travel, education and i-users”.

The makers of the Ring Mouse 2 are dedicated to improving the interface between humans and technology. In fact the mission statement of Genius KYE Corporation is: “To envision and to fulfill our goal of creating an agile wireless world, KYE has dedicated its major resource in core wireless technology to design and innovate a totally free environment of personal interface products.

So it is not surprising that in support of this mission the Genius Ring Mouse 2 has been created. It is described as a: “Portable breakthrough design by Genius! The world’s first ring style touch cursor controller for business, travel, education and i-users – Ring Mouse 2. This device transforms mouse technology into a unique, flexible rubber design that fits securely on your finger or you can put it in your pocket, so it’s ready to go wherever you go”.

Wow! That is a pretty big statement, but I can understand where they are coming from. I was recently at a corporation where the presenter had to carry around a mouse and mouse pad to control the presentation, which was distracting, and, for me, took away from his message. I also conduct presentations often, so the idea of a mouse on your finger and the ability to control your computer from a distance is very exciting. With the Genius Ring Mouse 2 this is not only possible but it is also relatively easy. Benchmark Reviews conducted a detailed trial of the Ring Mouse 2, to provide you insight into where it works well and not so well.


In order to provide the Ring Mouse 2 a decent evaluation, in a full range of input situations, I replaced my mouse with the Ring Mouse 2 for three days. That way I was hoping to burn through the learning curve and provide insight on the realistic use envelope of the Ring Mouse 2, and not reflect my ability to learn quickly. So for work and play I was able to develop a good understanding of where the Ring Mouse 2 shines.


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