Kinivo K300 4K HDMI Switch Introduced

Kinivo K300 4K HDMI Switch Introduced

K300 adds three HDMI ports to your TV so you can connect gaming consoles, Chromecast and more once you’ve run out of ports on your TV

Kinivo, the creator of lifestyle consumer electronics designed to simplify or enhance daily life, today announces their new 4K HDMI Switch, the K300. The device is a quick and easy way to add additional HDMI ports to your TV and can deliver UHD content to TVs and video projectors that are 4K UltraHD compatible. The K300 is perfect for those who have run out of ports on their TV, but still have devices they want to connect such as multiple gaming consoles, cable boxes, DVD players, streaming sticks and laptops. The device is a true plug-and-play system and is available today for $34.99 on Amazon.com.

Kinivo K300 4K HDMI Switch Introduced

The K300 offers auto-switching to determine which HDMI device is turned on and sends that source to the TV input. If you happen to need more than one device on at a time (for example, when you’re downloading an update on one game console while playing on another), you can use the included wireless remote to switch between devices.

Unlike many HDMI switches, the K300 provides 4K resolution, the highest resolution available on the market for HDMI switches, which delivers four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD. “The K300’s high resolution 4K compatibility means you won’t have to sacrifice quality viewing for convenience,” said Andy Karuza, Kinivo’s Marketing Manager. “The device also makes it easier to hide messy cables and organize your home entertainment system.”


3-port HDMI input, 1-port HDMI output
Smart switching
4K resolution HDMI
Digital audio port
Included IR remote
DC 5V Power with power indicator (red/blue)
Works with HD, Blu Ray, Xbox, Playstation and more
To connect with Kinivo, visit Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. For more information on Kinivo’s full line of mobile accessories, media members may contact PR representative Jen Mangham at (305) 374-4407 x 191 [email protected]

About Kinivo

Kinivo, (pronounced as Kee-Nee-Voh,) creates lifestyle consumer electronics that simplify daily life at home, in the office and on the go. Kinivo offers a diverse range of gadgets, from Bluetooth headphones and speaker systems to rechargeable battery packs, delivering exceptional quality tech accessories at affordable prices. Kinivo takes pride in offering superior consumer service and high user satisfaction with their stylishly designed accessories intended to simplify our digital world. All Kinivo products exceed extensive development and quality assurance testing and are supported with a one-year warranty.

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