GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards Launched

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards Launched

Bringing power to gamers for smooth gameplay in silence

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, is pleased to announce two GIGABYTE GeForce® GTX 950 Overclock Edition Graphics Cards today, namely the GV-N950WF2OC-2GD and GV-N950OC-2GD. Designed to deliver brilliant gaming performance at 1080p with the GM206 GPU, the GV-N950WF2OC-2GD guarantees efficient, silent cooling thanks to the well-acclaimed WINDFORCE 2X cooling system; suited for the mini-ITX form factor, the single-90mm-fan variant GV-N950OC-2GD also offers great thermal performance at a remarkably low noise level within small confined cases.

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards Launched

Both graphics cards represent a smart choice for gamers ready to step up for sharper and smoother gameplay, especially on popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game titles. Gamers could expect up to 2X performance improvement with the GV-N950WF2OC-2GD at 4K ultra settings on MOBA games compared to its predecessor[1], making the graphics cards a perfect upgrade option with an attractive value proposition for online gaming.

[1] Testing conducted on GIGABYTE reference system running League of Legends® in comparison to GeForce® GTX 750 Ti. Results may vary depending on different system specs and configurations.

WINDFORCE 2X cooling system: Silent Buff, Game on!

GV-N950WF2OC-2GD is reinforced with the highly acclaimed cooling solution with the unique fan design and large heat dissipation area, bringing efficient cooling in whisper silence. The air flow is split and guided smoothly through the fan by the special 3D stripe curve design, effectively enhancing the air flow by 23% over traditional fans, whilst significantly reducing air turbulence.

Optimizing graphics performance with OC GURU II

With GIGABYTE OC GURU II utility software, gamers are free to adjust clock speeds, voltage, fan performance, and power target for overclocking. The OSD setting can be monitored and tuned in real-time according to user preference through this intuitive interface.

Ultra Durable 2 – Designed with top quality highly efficient components

Using high quality components on graphics cards is the key factor for having a long lasting, stable and reliable product. By Employing Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS(on) MOSFET and Lower ESR Solid Capacitors, GIGABYTE graphics cards deliver the ideal integration of thermal, electric characteristics, digital signals, power circuitry and optimum placement of components for enhanced graphics performance.

For more details of GV-N950WF2OC-2GD and GV-N950OC-2GD please visit: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/main.aspx?s=43
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