CybertronPC Nanotron PC Gaming System Unveiled

CybertronPC Nanotron PC Gaming System Unveiled

The AMD Radeon R9 Nano GPU brings powerful gaming graphics & revolutionary innovations to the all-new CybertronPC Nanotron PC Gaming System

CybertronPC, one of the largest PC system integrators in the US, serving PC gaming, home, business and server solutions, unveils an all-new small form factor addition to its PC gaming systems, the CybertronPC Nanotron.

Engineered with the recently announced AMD Radeon R9 Nano graphics cards, part of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury graphics family, the new CybertronPC Nanotron is a small sized system with a giant impact.

CybertronPC Nanotron PC Gaming System Unveiled

“AMD designed the AMD Radeon™ R9 Nano graphics card with all the advanced technologies of AMD’s full sized gaming graphics cards, like High Bandwidth Memory, 4k and VR gaming, and fit it all into 6 inches” said Gerald Youngblood, Director WW Channel Marketing of AMD. “CybertronPC took that revolutionary innovation and created the CybertronPC Nanotron, its first small form factor gaming system. You no longer need to make a decision between size or performance, because the Nanotron has the best of both worlds.”

Similar to the rest of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury family, the Radeon R9 Nano graphics card was engineered for the future of gaming, offering ultimate 4K and VR gaming experiences while being just 6” in length. Using innovative High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) technology and a 4096-bit memory interface, the Nano performs up to 30% faster, 20% cooler and with 30% less power than previous generation graphics cards. The Radeon R9 Nano is next-gen ready, with support for DirectX 12, Vulkan API, AMD FreeSync, Virtual Super Resolution, Frame Rate Target Control and much more.

“The AMD Radeon R9 Nano levels the playing field between full sized pc gaming systems and small-form factor systems. CybertronPC’s Nanotron gaming rig is a small, power efficient, quiet, next-gen capable powerhouse” said Ahmed Abdelaziz, CEO and founder of CybertronPC. “The Nanotron PC is ideal for things like a living room PC setup, or downsizing your Gaming PC setup without sacrificing on your hardware needs.”

CybertronPC utilized this technology to engineer its first ever small-form factor desktop Gaming PC, powerful enough to tackle your next-gen games such as Battlefield 4 on 4k settings while being small and quiet enough to fit anywhere in your home. The Nanotron will feature an unlocked enthusiast level 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz Quad-Core processor, with Turbo speeds up to 4.20GHz, and a liquid cooling solution for ultimate CPU performance. Base options will include 16GB DDR4 Gaming Class memory, a 500GB SATA3 Solid State Drive and 2TB of SATA3 hard drive storage.

The CybertronPC Nanotron will start at $2499.99 and will be fully customizable, and include Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit edition. All CybertronPC pre-configured or fully customized Gaming Systems are backed up with their unbeatable Free Lifetime Technical Support and Lifetime Warranty (1 Year on Parts + Lifetime on Labor).


CybertronPC is a custom PC integrator catering to gamers, business, home and server solutions. Owned and operated in the USA since January of 1997, CybertronPC’s consistent quality and highest level of support have earned them the distinction of being one of the largest System Integrators in the USA. Products are offered direct online and through retailer sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, TigerDirect, Walmart and more. For more information about CybertronPC, click here www.cybertronpc.com

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