Apacer NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM Memory Introduced

Apacer NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM Memory Introduced

The True Champion, Feel the Power and Speed Inside Your Laptop

Apacer is excited to announce the biggest advancements in SO-DIMM history- NOX, the goddess of the night, symbolizes power and mysterious energy- DDR4 16GB SO-DIMM which is just on the market in summer 2015. The unmatched NOX surpasses all others of its kind before and since. Not only speed but also power-saving efficiency in terms of outstanding performance is far beyond your imagination. It is perfect for gaming laptop, high-end business laptop, and high-performance mini system.

Apacer NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM Memory Introduced

The Very Best Gaming DDR4, A SO-DIMM of Choice

Gigantic Capacity of 64GB, Rating up to 3000MHz Consuming only 1.2V

The one and only NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM so far is the highest capacity worldwide with only single one SO-DIMM memory module, and it comes equipped with total capacity of 64GB(16GB*4). NOX increases performance to fast open applications, run graphic-intensive games, or any other software. If you are a hardcore gamer, NOX delivers extremely fast and fluid game play in the highest possible quality.

Having been mutually researched and developed with the leading manufacturers of laptop as well as strictly tested on top gaming laptops of theirs, here comes the most optimized NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM. Additionally, it provides diverse performance options including DDR4 2400/2666/2800/3000MHz. Furthermore, even with the highest performance at 3000MHz, NOX guarantees extreme fast speed and at the same time incredible stability but only consuming 1.2V. It rises up the overall performance by 20%. With such an extraordinary achievement, NOX largely enhances laptop battery life.

Specially Produced Front Label with Striking Design & Thermal Resistance

Here at Z511* Lab of Apacer, we strongly believe best quality plays a vital part of our success. The ability to create high-end and high quality products that are unique and different in a crowded market is what drives us forward. The world’s number one NOX is a prime example of what Z511 Lab is trying to achieve, with all the discreetly handpicked DRAM IC that you would see on a top of the range SO-DIMM memory modules which meets the criteria of running high-end gaming laptop. The astounding graphic design with a color wine aureola slightly emerges from the middle in the darkness, and the metallic NOX altogether shows the most mysterious energy from the night goddess.

The label on the front side is manufactured in detail by Z511 Lab team, and it is able to stand 120°C heat with metalloid material. The well-developed NOX front label helps the system stay within thermal limits during the regular use, and even during those marathon gaming sessions. This allows NOX to provide its highest performance possible under narrow and hot environment within laptop. Therefore, the specially manufactured label greatly increases the memory module efficiency and fluidity.

Why there is nothing like NOX? It is not just simply faster, it is better in every way. NOX offers users an easy way to enjoy the amazing experience of using any kinds of laptop. More importantly, it is more powerful but remarkably power efficiency than any other DDR4 SO-DIMM ever. NOX creates a new generation of SO-DIMM memory module that is better by any measure. If you are looking for DDR4 SO-DIMM which is made to deliver unparalleled performance for gaming laptop, look no further than the NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM module!

*About Z511 lab

In order to produce high performance memory modules and storage to accommodate the PC overclocking and gaming environment, Z511 lab is established by Department of PC products from Apacer in early 2015. The quality assurance of Z511 lab is all conducted by a group of professional gamers and engineers with heavy-duty specific memory stress bench applications tested and even undergone high temperature chamber verified if needed.

About Apacer

Apacer crosses over industrial SSD, consumer digital product and memory module fields and is a leading global manufacturer that integrated R&D, design, manufacturing and sales capabilities. It has continually developed various trustworthy innovative products and services that complies with the brand spirit “Access the best” since its establishment. Apacer customer groups include global dealers, equipment manufacturers and retail customers, not only providing high performance- high stability and high value memory module and flash memory to customers, but also innovative digital storage and peripheral products that allows consumers to easily record their daily lives, and for storing and sharing digital data.

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