Spire CLEARSTAR 140mm Nano-Tech Bearing Fan Series Released

Spire CLEARSTAR 140mm Nano-Tech Bearing Fan Series Released

Computer thermal specialist Spire is introducing the new line and size of 140mm DC cooling fans, code named: CLEARSTAR series. With the new CLEARSTAR fan series Spire is extending its already impressive lineup of DC cooling fans for the personal, gaming and networked computer systems. CLEARSTAR fans are designed for the PC enthusiast that demand additional cooling, better system airflow and silent solutions. By implementing the proprietary Nano-Tech bearing this fan is already more silent than traditional sleeve- or ball-bearing fans. Furthermore the size have increased which enables the fan to spin at a lower speed. Lastly, the impellor blades have been shaped and balanced in a way that it moves more air, creates better air pressure and is more quiet. Presently there are two transparent models available. One of these, model# SP14025NTL3-B-LED is equipped with 4 bright blue LED’s which create a cool glow in the PC system.

Spire CLEARSTAR 140mm Nano-Tech Bearing Fan Series Released

All the new CLEARSTAR fans are built with Nano-tech bearing made from nano-zirconia powder as main material and a collocating special nano-particles lubricant to guarantee an exponentially longer life. The average service life is more than 70,000 HRS. The Nano-bearings are considerably quieter than Ball-bearings (2-3dBA) and they are also far easier to assemble. Another advantage is that the impeller can be removed easily by pushing it out of the housing. Now you can clean and even rinse of the dust from the fan. The CLEARSTAR DC fans are supplied in a ECO friendly retail-box, including 4 metal mounting screws and supported by 2 year warranty service.

Main Features:

* Large size, moves more air at lower speed
* Nano-Tech bearing: less friction, easy start up
* Silent (less noise than sleeve/hydro- and ballbearing fans)
* Lower start voltage at 3.8V+ where generic fans start from 5V+
* Curved fan blade design for higher air pressure
* Longer life time, 70.000 up to 80.000 life hours
* Easy release of fan impeller for dust cleaning
* 4 metal mounting screws included

Part numbers:

SP14025NTL3/4 Codename: ClearStar 140
SP14025NTL3-B-LED Codename: ClearStar 140 LED


Manufacturer suggested retail price:
SP14025NTL3/4 Codename: ClearStar 140 € 9,99 / $ 10.99 (Ex VAT)
SP14025NTL3-B-LED Codename: ClearStar 140 LED 140 € 12,99 / $ 14.99 (Ex VAT)


The CLEARSTAR dc cooling fans are now available from Spire Corp in Shenzhen, China as well as from Spire Europe in Maarheeze, The Netherlands.

About Spire:

Spire, founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies, enclosures and mobile accessories for the personal, gaming and networked systems. With its manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Branch locations in Japan and Brazil. Offering a wide range of components and accessories for the IT and computing industry.

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