Team Group WD01 Car Charger Debuts

Team Group WD01 Car Charger Debuts

Extend the Range of Mobile Charging with Nonstop Power Supply

The world’s leading memory brand, Team Group today announces a new charging product – Team Car Charger Dual WD01. It allows users to quickly extend the battery life of their phones and tablets by providing a fast and stable charging even when they are driving, offering users a comprehensive smart lifestyle with on-the-go charging.

Team Group WD01 Car Charger Debuts

With dual USB charging port, WD01 has a total of 4.8A of output power. Each charging port has an independent 2.4A output, which provides ultra fast charging efficiency. It is also fully capable of charging two tablets simultaneously while driving making it both time saving and convenient. The built in power management circuit protects user’s mobile devices from overcharging. When using the WD01, all consumers have to do is plug it in the cigarette lighter socket. After the power is on, its circular design LED power indicator will illuminate with a cool, dim blue light. It’s not only easy to use for driving at night, but it can also be an eye catching fashion accessory in the car. With its matte aluminum plate and leather paint design, not only it feels comfortable holding it, but also keeps from falling off the hand. The Dual WD01 is the smallest 4.8A car charger in the market. It is light and compact as well as fine quality. This is definitely a premium car charger worth buying.

In addition, WD01 high performance car charger is perfectly compatible with phones and tablets of every major brand, including Apple products such as iPhone and iPad, making it a lot easier to use. Through WD01, driver and passengers are all able to fully charge their mobile devices while driving. Charging on-the-go can improve both your work efficiency and your smart lifestyle.

WD01: http://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/Mobile/Car%20charger/WD01

As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at http://www.teamgroup.com.tw or facebook https://www.facebook.com/teamgroupinc

About Team Group

Team Group Inc. is a manufacturer of computer products and consumer electronics, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997. We manufacture and distribute high quality Memory modules, Memory cards, USB disk, SSD, Industrial Applications and Mobile Applications. Team Group is recognized as one of the leading memory products and consumer electronics manufacturers in the industry. We cover most business regions in the world. Team provides the highest quality products to customers in volume with competitive prices and the best possible after services. Through many years of the close and direct relationships with the leading manufacturers and OEMs, we are able to provide various products even during the shortage and allocation periods. As we continue to grow, we start to develop mobile application devices in 2012 and we will continue committing to support our customers with superior products, first class service and excellent business growth.

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