ASRock Rack 3U16N Microserver and 2U4NR-24S Cloud Computing Server to be Unveiled at Computex 2016

 ASRock Rack 3U16N Microserver and 2U4NR-24S Cloud Computing Server to be Unveiled at Computex 2016

In the new era of software-defined datacenter (SDDC), it is challenging to build a suitable infrastructure to be fully virtualized, and flexible to orchestrate the software-defined workloads. As part of the eco-system, ASRock Rack aims to show the new server products with highest density in Computex 2016, to serve the new demand in the market. ASRock Rack was founded in 2013 by leading motherboard vendor ASROCK. In three years, ASRock Rack successfully developed sales channels cross North America, USA and Asia.

 ASRock Rack 3U16N Microserver and 2U4NR-24S Cloud Computing Server to be Unveiled at Computex 2016

Just debut in Japan IT Week, ASRock Rack is going to present the newest microserver 3U16N and cloud computing server 2U4NR-24S in Computex 2016. 3U16N has 16 nodes features with Intel ® Xeon ® D processors in 3U form factor. By far, it achieves the highest density based on this SoC platform among all the vendors. Moreover, 3U16N is installed with four PCIe switch cards to share up to 200GbE high-speed network with 16 nodes. This server is not only suitable for critical web service providers due to its computing capability and multiple nodes, but also perfect for HPC and virtualization. Another new server to display is 2U4NR/24S, which has 4 nodes supports totally 8 of Intel ® Xeon E5 processors in 2U form factor. It also possesses decent storage capacity by 24 hot-swap HDD trays. The best feature of 2U4NR/24S is it combines the features of HPC and storage server in one system, perfect for cloud computing, big data analysis and storage purpose. ASRock Rack is going to show off its design capability as well by presenting various server motherboards based on dual sockets, single sockets, workstation and SoC platforms.

Visit our booth #L0410 at Computex 2016, which is been held in Nankang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan. We look forward to seeing you there!

Website: www.asrockrack.com

About ASRock Rack

ASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, specializes in providing high-performance and high-efficiency server technology in the fields of Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, HPC and Datacenter. We adopted the design concept of “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness” from ASRock, and the company devotes passion to think out-of-the-box in the Server Industry. Leveraged by ASRock’s growing momentum and distribution channels, this young and vibrant company targets the booming market of Cloud Computing, and is committed to serve the market with user-friendly, eco-friendly and do-it-yourself Server technology, featuring flexible and reliable products.

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