Tesoro Infrared Key Switch to Debut at Computex 2016

Tesoro Infrared Key Switch to Debut at Computex 2016

At Computex 2016 Tesoro Technology will be unveiling its redefined brand identity that sets the tune for the future of the company and the evolving gaming peripherals market. Tesoro will also be showcasing a mechanical keyboard featuring its new Tesoro IR key switches.

Tesoro Infrared Key Switch to Debut at Computex 2016

The new switches use infrared technology to register keystrokes eliminating metal bounce and oxidation meaning extreme durability and breakneck response times.

The new switches will reportedly offer advanced anti-particle and spill-resistant abilities and allow users to customize key switches on the keyboard.

Tesoro will also be displaying its redesigned keyboard software and the recently released GRAM Spectrum low-profile mechanical keyboard featuring TESORO Agile switches along with its mice and headset products.

Computex will be held in Taipei, Taiwan and takes place from 31 May – 4 June 2016.

TESORO – Break the Rule


About Tesoro

The Approach of Tesoro in the design and manufacturing its products is based on providing unparalleled quality, features, design, and pricing. Computer peripherals have become an integral element of both the gaming and overall computing experience. This has created a demand for peripherals that go beyond the norm and break with conventions of design and production. Our main products include keyboards, mice, and headsets.
Matching premium parts and innovative engineering design, our products offer users a truly unique user experience without a single compromise. By breaking the pattern, breaking the rules, Tesoro is able bring innovation to new levels and offer game-changing products.

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