Intel Core i5-4430 CPU LGA1150 Haswell Processor Review


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Intel Core i5-4430 CPU LGA1150 Haswell Processor Review

By David Ramsey

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Product Name: Desktop Processor
Model Number: Core i5-4430
Part Number: BX80646I54430
Price As Tested: $185.99 (ATD Computers)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by ATD Computers.

When Intel sends out press samples of their new CPUs, they generally provide the top-end desktop products like the Core i7-4470K. And it’s fun to have the latest new super-fast processor to play with. But most people don’t need this level of power, and indeed in many cases even enthusiasts won’t make full use of the capabilities of a high-end part. Given that, might a less expensive, mid-range CPU be a better choice? Benchmark Reviews tests the mid-range Intel Core i5-4430 CPU, desktop processor model BX80646I54430, to find out.intel_corei5_4430_cpu_closeup

The Core i5-4430 CPU is a member of Intel’s new Haswell line of processors, and as such it shares the improvements in performance and power consumption with its Core i7-4770K stablemate. However, there are some significant differences in performance, as well as price: the 4430 goes for a little over half as much as the 4470K.


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