Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis Released

Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis Released

Specially Designed for 4K Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming System, Elevating the Gaming and Entertainment Experience

First displayed as a prototype at COMPUTEX 2016, the Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis is officially released today, and is now available on the market. The Core G3 features a unique small form factor, and has the ability to provide PC enthusiasts an impeccable 4K and VR gaming experience. Built for gamers, the Core G3 offers an incomparable thermal solution with supreme hardware support. Users are able to install either DIY liquid cooling radiator or AIO liquid cooler. The chassis supports up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080/1070, and a PCI-e riser cable is also included. Furthermore, the Core G3 offers two-way placement layouts (Vertical and Horizontal), users can adjust the chassis for the best viewing presentation while ensuring outstanding cooling performance. Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis offers users the best gaming and entertainment experience ever, and is now available in the United States (Amazon.com), Germany (Alternate.de) and United Kingdom (Scan.co.uk).

Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis Released

Where to Buy:
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Features o f Thermaltake Core G3 Gaming Slim ATX Chassis:

Impeccable 4K & VR Living Room Gaming Experience

The Core G3 has been carefully thought out on compacting a high-end desktop performance with liquid cooling ability that support 4K and VR gaming system into the new slim form factor that allow you to slide into, place directly next to or on top of a TV stand along with 4K TV and home theater. The Core G3 is compatible with up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080/1070.

Two-Way Placement Layout

Built for customization that reflects the gamers’ personality, the Core G3 allows users to adjust the chassis for the best viewing presentation while ensuring outstanding cooling performance. Users can choose to display it on any surface of their choice either vertically or horizontally.

Designed for Small Form Factor – Toughpower SFX 600W Gold (Optional)

Incorporating various high-quality components, Toughpower SFX 600W Gold is the best choice for those who are looking for the excellent balance between cost and 4K gaming performance.

Handy I/O Ports

The front-top panel is designed with two USB 3.0 data transfer ports, two standard USB 2.0 ports, a HD microphone, and headset jacks, to grand direct access when needed.

Supreme Hardware Support

Designed for a high-end gaming system, the Core G3 supports motherboards up to standard ATX, a tower CPU cooler with maximum height 110mm, and a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 310mm in length without front fan. A PCI-e riser cable is included. Moreover, with the tool-free drive bay design, users can easily mount up to two 3.5”/2.5” storage devices into the build.

Superior Liquid-Cooling Solutions

The Core G3 has the capability to deliver an outstanding cooling efficiency throughout the entire case. Especially, it enables users to install up to either 240mm DIY liquid cooling radiator, or 240mm AIO liquid cooler, with a long graphic card at the same time. Additionally, two 120mm turbo fans are preinstalled at the front to optimize system ventilation. To keep the interior dust free, all intake ventilation holes are specially designed with removable dust filters.

Exclusively “Tt LCS Certified”

Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied to products that pass the design and rigorous hardcore enthusiast standards that only the world’s best LCS chassis are held to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can clearly convey to power users and enthusiasts which chassis are built and tested to be best compatible under extreme liquid cooling configurations. This ensures you get the best performance, compatibility and features.

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