LUXA2 Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset Introduced

LUXA2 Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset Introduced

Thermaltake Mobile – LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, announces the Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset, the latest sports addition to the Lavi audio series product line.

Equipped with True Wireless Stereo and individual 14.2mm driver with HD quality sound, the Lavi X Wireless Earbud Headset offers a supreme audio experience with maximum audio wireless freedom from messy cables; and provides a tangle and hassle free experience for sporting and workout enthusiasts to fully concentrate on their sessions without distractions.

LUXA2 Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset Introduced

With a dynamic dual pairing mode, users can opt for both single and dual mode use – perhaps even share with a workout partner – to get the most out of their set activity. The Lavi X Wireless Earbud Headset comes in an ergonomic construction with anti-slip earhook design and three interchangeable (S/M/L) earbuds that provide safe, secure and comfortable fit for even the most intense workouts and sporting activities. The IPX4 rating of the Lavi X Wireless Earbud Headset also offers additional sweat protection and included hard carrying case provides maximum protection and added portability during travels. The handy physical controls provide easy access to media buttons and switching between music to calls, whilst providing 6 hours of quality playtime and requiring only an hour to fully charge via fast charge.

Optimize your workout session with the Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset and give yourself that competitive edge with a truly immersive audio experience.

Key Features Include:

·          Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology
·          Massive 14.2mm driver with HD Sound Quality
·          TWS (True Wireless Stereo)
·          Dynamic dual pairing mode
·          Anti-slip earhook design
·          IPX4 splash resistance
·          Multipoint connection
·          Up to 6 hours of playtime
·          1 hour (0-100%) fast charge
·          Customized for perfect fit for (S/M/L) earbuds
·          Easy access media controls
·          Hard case included for added protection

Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset suggested price : USD 39.99

Further information Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset is available online:  http://www.luxa2.com/product.aspx?s=153

For more information on where to buy the new Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset, please visit: USA AMAZON : http://amzn.to/2eLkWui

LUXA2 official website and community websites:

LUXA2 Official Website: http://www.LUXA2.com
LUXA2 Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LUXA2
LUXA2 Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LUXA2channel
LUXA2 Instagram: http://instagram.com/luxa2global




About “LUXA2”

LUXA2 was founded in 2009 by Thermaltake. The mobile accessory brand is designed based on the principle of modern desire for more sophisticated mobile accessories. LUXA2 answers these needs in the minimalist style with the latest technology, and is presented with a high standard in functionality and value. It’s a state of mind for accessorizing modern technology with everyday gentleman and lady’s essentials. Innovation in technology and style by LUXA2. Presenting modern mobile accessories in a sleek, sporty, and street element fashioned design. Official website: www.LUXA2.com

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