Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth-Connected Headset Introduced

Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth-Connected Headset Introduced

The new BTM440 wirelessly streams audio from any Bluetooth-connected smartphone and delivers advanced noise cancellation, easy-to-use controls and a lightweight, comfortable fit for extended wear

By Kinivo via Max Borges Agency

Kinivo, producer of quality mobile accessories for everyday life, introduces their newest personal audio solution, the BTM440, a wireless Bluetooth-connected mono headset. With premium features like advanced noise cancellation through its optimized microphone, easy-to-use controls and a lightweight, comfortable fit for extended wear, Kinivo’s new BTM440 headset affordably simplifies your daily routine. This must-have for both personal and professional multitaskers allows you to place and receive phone calls while remaining hands-free and on the go. Kinivo’s BTM440 is available now for $24.99 through Amazon.com and Kinivo.com.

Kinivo’s BTM440 integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers more than four hours of active talk time or 150 hours while in standby mode. To recharge Kinivo’s BTM440, simply plug the headset into the included micro-USB charging cable and connect to your PC or wall outlet.

Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth-Connected Headset Introduced

Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth-Connected Headset

This sleek in-ear headset with a thin wraparound style is designed for extended wear, allowing users to stay comfortably connected for long periods of time. BTM440’s microphone placement provides crystal clear phone calls, making it perfect for the busy, modern professional.

The BTM440 also automatically pauses audio whenever you receive an incoming call, ensuring you’re reliably connected while on the go. Another key element includes easy to use functions, which offer full control to play music and place phone calls directly from the headset.

“BTM440 is the perfect audio solution for those looking to simplify their daily lives,” says Kinivo VP of Operations Neeraj Srivastava. “Whether you’re in the car, running errands or at the office, the BTM440 lets you stay reliably connected with the convenience of hands-free operation.”

To connect with Kinivo, visit Facebook or Twitter. For more information on Kinivo’s BTM440 and full line of mobile accessories, media members may contact PR representative Sophie Isacowitz at (305)374-4404 x143 or [email protected]

About Kinivo

Kinivo creates consumer electronics that simplify daily life at home, in the office and on the go. Kinivo offers a diverse range of gadgets, from Bluetooth connected headphones and speaker systems to rechargeable battery packs and wireless keyboards, delivering exceptional quality tech accessories at affordable prices. Kinivo takes pride in offering superior consumer service and high user satisfaction with their stylishly designed mobile accessories intended to simplify our digital world. All Kinivo products exceed extensive development and quality assurance testing and are supported with a one-year warranty.

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