ASUSTOR ADM 3.0 Operating System Debuts

ASUSTOR ADM 3.0 Operating System Debuts

At Computex 2017 in Taipei, ASUSTOR is exhibiting its all new flagship NAS devices including the AS6302T, AS6404T, AS7004T-i5, AS7010T-i5 and AS6004U storage expansion unit; The all new ADM 3.0 operating system introduces new intuitive functions such as desktop widgets, icon grouping, system announcements, new support for Internet Passthrough; Surveillance Center 2.7 which increases surveillance management efficiency and upgrades NAS multimedia applications.

ASUSTOR ADM 3.0 Operating System Debuts

ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has unveiled its new home and business series NAS models at Computex 2017. Included among these are the new mid-tier AS6302T and AS6404T tower models which introduce the new generation Intel Apollo Lake platform with Celeron processors and feature Wake On WAN network wake technology for both security and power saving benefits. With regards to business users, ASUSTOR is exhibiting the top-tier AS7004T-i5 and AS7010T-i5 flagship models which both utilize powerful Intel® Core™ i5 quad-core processors. In particular, the AS7010-i5 also comes equipped with a 10GbE network card expansion slot for use in high performance environments. Additionally, the new AS6004U storage expansion unit has made an appearance as well. This unit features 4 hard disk bays and is compatible with 10TB hard disks (the largest on the market), satisfying the need for quick storage expansion on all ASUSTOR NAS devices. Furthermore, ASUSTOR is showcasing the all new ADM 3.0 interface, highly efficient Surveillance Center 2.7 and innovative new multimedia Apps. ASUSTOR has also partnered with the hard disk vendors HGST, Seagate and Western Digital (WD) to exhibit the latest NAS storage solutions. All are invited to visit ASUSTOR at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th floor, booth L1324 in order to experience the latest NAS technology and innovative concepts firsthand.

ADM 3.0: A Fresh New Look

ASUSTOR’s brand new ADM 3.0 operating system is one of the main focuses of this year’s exhibition featuring a live demonstration that allows users to try out the most intuitive NAS experience firsthand. ASUSTOR’s ADM 3.0 interface is able to provide an optimal desktop configuration based on the display resolution of monitors and also adds new features such as desktop widgets, system announcements and icon grouping, creating a familiar tablet-like user experience. Additionally, the introduction of the EZ-Connect function along with the ASUSTOR Easy Connect (AEC) utility provides support for Internet Passthrough which allows users to bypass previously complex router configurations and connect to their NAS easily from anywhere with Internet access.

Surveillance Center 2.7 Significantly Increases Management Efficiency

ASUSTOR NAS allows users to turn their NAS into a professional NVR free of charge by simply installing Surveillance Center. At Computex, ASUSTOR is exhibiting the efficient, convenient and secure Surveillance Center 2.7 combined with an AS7010T-i5 unit and dual monitor setup displaying 64 channels of surveillance feeds along with an eMap. ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center features the centralized monitoring software CMS Lite which meets demands for multi-location surveillance and streaming from a variety of servers. CMS Lite can centrally manage up to 128 IP cameras in different locations on 32 ASUSTOR NVRs, significantly enhancing management efficiency. Additionally, ASUSTOR is exhibiting fisheye cameras in combination with a variety of dewarping modes, including: specified area, 360 degree panoramic view, double 180 degree panoramic view and 360 degree panoramic view combined with 3 specified areas. New functions featured in Surveillance Center 2.7 include two-way communication via the AiSecure mobile app, the exporting of recording files via local display to USB drives and scheduled/manual powering on and off of cameras.

ASUSTOR Turns Your NAS into a Home Multimedia Cinema

ASUSTOR NAS provides significant advantages in addition to just storage. ASUSTOR Portal can turn a NAS into a home entertainment center giving users the ability to play all multimedia files stored on the NAS. At Computex, ASUSTOR is exhibiting brand new functions from LooksGood, videos from the NAS can now be played via UPnP compatible players. ASUSTOR will also be launching a dedicated Apple TV app that can directly play content from LooksGood. Additionally, in the multimedia exhibition area, visitors will be able to take photos and upload them to Photo Gallery on an ASUSTOR NAS to view photos, and play music via SoundsGood to Bluetooth speakers, enjoying a variety of multimedia fun.

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Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.