PSSC Labs Integrates Intel Xeon Scalable Processors into HPC Solutions

PSSC Labs Integrates Intel Xeon Scalable Processors into HPC Solutions

Custom, high performance PowerServe Servers and PowerWulf Clusters now with next gen processing power available

PSSC Labs, a developer of custom HPC and Big Data computing solutions, today announced it will offer Intel’s new Xeon Scalable Processors in its PowerServe line of HPC servers and PowerWulf line of HPC clusters. The integration provides PSSC Labs customers with breakthrough technology, offering performance capable of handling cutting edge computing tasks including real-time analytics, virtualized infrastructure and high-performance computing.
In additional to advanced architecture, the new processors feature a rich suite of platform innovations for enhanced application performance including Intel AVX-512, Intel Mesh Architecture, Intel QuickAssist, Intel Optane SSDs, Intel Omni-Path Fabric.
PSSC Labs’ PowerServe and PowerWulf HPC solutions offer reliable, flexible, high performance computing solutions for a variety of applications across government, academic, and commercial environments including: Design & Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Financial Services and Machine/Deep Learning.
“PSSC Labs endeavors to offer our customers the latest and best hardware options in our line of custom turn-key HPC servers and clusters,” said Alex Lesser, Executive Vice President of PSSC Labs. “The new Intel Xeon processors are a major advancement for enhanced performance on resource hungry computing tasks.”
Every PowerWulf Server and PowerServe Cluster come with three-year unlimited phone / email support package (additional year support available) with all support provided by a US-based team of experienced engineers.  Prices start at $2,495.
Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Features:
Advanced Architecture: new core microarchitecture, new on-die interconnects and memory controllers means optimized performance, reliability, security and manageability. The processor also offers better efficiency and lower energy costs as well as space efficiency.
Performance: The Intel Xeon Scalable Processors deliver an overall performance increase up to 1.65x versus the previous generation, and up to 5x OLTP warehouse workloads versus the current install base.
Scalability: Up to 28 cores and up to 6 terabytes of system memory, and can scale to support 2-socket – 8-socket systems.
Agility: Optimized computing, network, and storage performance on premise, through a network, or in the cloud. Optional network integration with Intel OmniPath Architecture.
Security: 3.1x performance improvement in cryptography performance compared to the previous generation. Application can now run with less than 1% overhead with data-at-rest encryption turned on. Intel Key Protection Technology delivers enhanced protection to security key attacks.
About PSSC Labs
For technology powered visionaries with a passion for challenging the status quo, PSSC Labs is the answer for hand-crafted HPC and Big Data computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership.  All products are designed and built at the company’s headquarters in Lake Forest, California. For more information, 949-380-7288, www.pssclabs.com[email protected].

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