Promise Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Launched

Promise Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Launched

Promise Technology Delivers Advanced and Simple-to-Use Personal Cloud Storage with New Apollo Cloud 2 Duo

Safely store, access and share documents, photos, videos and music with your own personal network of family, friends or business contacts

Promise Technology, a leader in data storage, today announced the launch of its newest personal storage device, Apollo Cloud 2 Duo, and its companion application.   The newly designed device doubles the storage capacity of previous models, yet maintains its sleek glossy white aesthetic and compact size that’s ideal for discreet display.

With 8TB of storage capacity, Duo is sure to be the ultimate storage device for those seeking a solution that’s safe, simple and fast.  You don’t have to know anything about networking or IT in order to set up your Apollo Cloud.  With its two-step setup process, you will be ready to back up your important documents, cherished photos and videos within minutes.

With no monthly or yearly fees, Apollo Cloud gives you peace of mind knowing that all your data is off the Internet, safe and secure on a personal cloud, with all transactions encrypted to the highest degree.  Apollo Cloud Mirroring allows you, at no added cost, to further protect your files by syncing all your data and configurations to another Apollo in a different location anywhere in the world via the Internet.  Keep one at home and one at a different location to maximize security.  Making sure all your computers are up to date with your latest files is easy with Duo’s sync files feature.

Promise Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Launched

When it comes to sharing your files, Apollo is ready to help you do that quickly and securely.  You can set up your inner circle and assign storage space on your Apollo Cloud Duo to 40 people of your choosing.  Each member can save items on the cloud device, and share their files with others via time limited links.  Members cannot access another member’s files, so no need to worry. When sharing your files to an unlimited amount of people, you can send time-limited links to specific content.

“In launching our second-generation product, we designed the Apollo Cloud Duo with careful consideration and our consumers needs in mind,” said Justin Cleveland, Promise Technology’s Director of Biz Dev – IoT. “Aligning with our main goal to redesign storage and sharing, the Duo is easy to use and ensures content is always with the consumer – whether they are at home or on-the-go.”

Here is a list of some additional key features:

  • Quick Camera Roll Backup – Taking countless photos is great for capturing important memories, but terrible for the onboard storage on your devices.   Apollo Cloud allows you to instantly free up space on your phone with the swipe of a finger.   Now, you can auto-sync your photos and not worry about that dreaded “storage full” alert just when you need to snap a picture or video.
  • Location Based & Facial Recognition Photo Albums – When you have thousands of photos it’s pretty hard to remember where you took them.  Now, the Apollo Cloud app can help catalog your photos by geotagging them and pinpointing the exact location of a photo’s origin and saving them into albums by location.  Also, looking for a photo of a specific person?  Apollo Cloud helps you by identifying those in your photos and creating special albums for each person.  This can save you time when you’re looking for a particular photo.
  • Time Machine® Support – Not only can you backup multiple Mac’s to the same Apollo, but Apollo is the only device that features incremental Time Machine backups over the Internet.  So, no matter where you are you can still backup.


  • Hard Drive – Apollo Cloud 2 Duo features a fast Marvell Dual Core processer.  You can set up Duo to be configured as RAID0 (stripped) or RAID1 (mirrored) based on your needs.  In RAID0, you will have access to all 8TB for storage and RAID1 will give you access to 4TB of storage space with the other 4TB used as a mirrored backup.  In addition, Duo allows hot swappable hard drives giving you the freedom to switch out hard drives quickly.

“We believe Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is chockfull of features that will make our users’ lives easier,” said Vijay Char, president, Promise Technology USA.  “We understand that our customers trust our devices with their precious photos and important documents, which is why we aim to create products that will give them the ability to save and share whatever they want, whenever they want, safely and simply.”

Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is available now at www.promise.com for $449 and is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows.  For additional information and learn more about all features, visit www.promise.com or follow Promise Technology on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Promise Technology
Promise Technology is a recognized global leader with 29 years of experience in the storage industry. Promise creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the IoT, Cloud, IT, Rich Media and Surveillance markets. From personal cloud appliances to scalable enterprise IT Infrastructure, blazingly fast post-production tools, video security solutions, and hyperconverged systems, Promise adapts its products to meet the real-world challenges customers face every day. Promise’s highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, and JAPAC regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe. For more information, visit: www.promise.com.

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