LG 34UC89G UltraWide Curved Monitor Supports FaZe Clan

LG 34UC89G UltraWide Curved Monitor Supports FaZe Clan

21:9 LG Gaming Monitor Delivers Immersive Clarity, Seamless Motion Graphics for Superior Gaming Experience

LG Electronics USA is joining forces with FaZe Clan, the globally recognized gaming team, to host a gaming competition featuring LG’s new premium high-resolution gaming monitor, the 34-inch 21:9 UltraWide curved display.

LG 34UC89G UltraWide Curved Monitor Supports FaZe Clan

To highlight the smooth gameplay and speed of its 21:9 UltraWide gaming monitor, LG has teamed with gaming pros FaZe Clan for a five-versus-five competition, playing the new, fast-paced “LawBreakers” game. The winter-take-all “Seriously Professional” competition will officially kick off on Sept. 12 and seeks to find out whose gaming style is the best as FaZe Clan members face-off to bring their skills to an entirely new gravity-defying game. In preparation for the competition FaZe Clan members will train gamers on LG’s new high-performance gaming monitor (model 34UC89G) and help them get the edge by leveraging the wide landscape of 21:9 monitors and seamless gameplay thanks to fast refresh rates and advanced motion processing.

“With some of the latest enhancements to our premium 21:9 UltraWide monitors, LG helps gamers stay one step ahead of the competition,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. “Teaming with FaZe Clan to train the next generation of gamers on our new high-performance gaming monitor is another step towards giving consumers the best experience possible and continuing to help them hone their craft.”

In the initial stage of the competition, fans will train with FaZe Clan and learn the ins and outs of the new “LawBreakers” game and receive tips-and-tricks on how to best compete against top gamers.  The training sessions will take place using the new LG monitor that was designed to deliver the best gaming experience possible. The competition will culminate with a final showdown between Team Rawkus led by FaZe Rawkus and Team Temperrr led by FaZe Temperrr, where they will compete for an ultimate gaming package Grand Prize.

The high-performance LG 34UC89G features a 21:9 aspect ratio that significantly expands overall screen real estate, along with Quad HD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels) for intense clarity and LG’s proprietary picture enhancing IPS display technology for accurate color reproduction with limited screen tear, even at wide viewing angles. It also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC, an advanced display technology that synchronizes refresh rates to the general processing unit inside GeForce GTX-powered PCs, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing stutter and input lag for a smoother, faster gaming experience.

For more information on LG’s collaboration with FaZe Clan and to stay updated on team recruiting, rosters and all of the action leading up to the final battle, please visit http://www.seriouslyprofessional.com. For more information on LG’s latest high performance gaming monitors, please visit http://www.lg.com/us/gaming-monitors.

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