MSI GT75VR Gaming Laptop Revealed

MSI GT75VR Gaming Laptop Revealed

First 17″ Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboard and RGB Backlight

Alas, the long-awaited, much anticipated GT75VR is finally making its way into the market; knocking on competitors’ doors with ill-intent. That being said, the most sought-after features in this new boss around the block are its Rapid Mechanical Keyboard coupled with Per-Key RGB Backlight, and did I forget to mention it’s a 17’’ gaming laptop? That means gamers who strive for a portable desktop-feel-and-performing laptop, MSI’s new GT75VR will be their newfound best friend. The keyboard isn’t just built for accuracy and responsiveness; it’s built to indulge and enjoy the very feel of laying your fingers on top of the key caps and the moment you press on it. On top of that, you can change to over 16 million colors on every single one of them, truly making your keyboard one in a million.

MSI GT75VR Gaming Laptop Revealed

3ms/120Hz Wide-View Panel

First to introduce the fastest laptop panel to date. At 3ms response time and 120Hz refresh rate, gamers can expect no detail losses while playing FPS or racing games with extreme fps refreshes. Another advantage is the 94% NTSC display providing wide-view angle and a fuller color spectrum

Flying through Internet

GT75VR Titan is the world’s first to equip 10GbE Ethernet gaming laptop. It is designed with MULTI GIG to allow a 10X higher bandwidth. In simpler language, this feature will boost download speed and a much smooth online experience with minimal network issues

Achilles Heel

GT75VR is equipped with the newest Cooler Boost Titan, industry’s leading cooling module built with dedicated Whirlwind fans for CPU and GPU, and 10-12 heatpipes (depending on your model) for optimized thermal conductivity. Even the SSDs are embedded with thermal paste, all to ensure uncompromising performance in the face of every laptop’s achilles heel

Setting a New Bar

The GT75VR Titan comes with Core i7 7820HK CPU and up to 4.2GHz OC capability and 3 GPU options: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080, GTX1070 SLI, or GTX1070. The cooling module still remains as industry’s finest and most efficient with the Cooler Boost Titan. Along with other gaming features such as the True Color Technology 2.0, NAHIMIC VR, High-Res Audio(sampling rate 32 bit/384 kHz), SuperRaid 4, MSI’s exclusive 120Hz 3ms Display, The Dragon Center, and much more have been carried over and improved on the GT75VR. MSI has raised the bar yet again on this one, and it is ready to reclaim its throne (no GoT pun intended) as the new boss around the block.

GT75VR Titan Spec

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