ASUS Z87-Deluxe/Dual LGA1150 Intel Motherboard Review


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ASUS Z87-Deluxe/Dual LGA1150 Intel Motherboard Review

By David Ramsey

Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Product Name: LGA1150 Intel Motherboard
Model Number: Z87-Deluxe/Dual
UPC: 886227515462
Price As Tested: $337.99 (Amazon | Newegg)

Full Disclosure: ASUS provided the product sample used in this article.

How many new features can you cram onto a motherboard that are both useful and innovative? ASUS is the expert at doing this, and their history of innovations is long: the custom EPU and TPU processors; intelligent fan control, the ability to update your BIOS on a board with no CPU and RAM installed, and so forth. The Z87-Deluxe/Dual LGA1150 motherboard shows that ASUS is not content to rest on its laurels. With new features like Near Field Communications and 802.11ac support, this motherboard has it all.

Of course, fancy hardware along isn’t much good without supporting software, and ASUS has updated their drivers and utilities, especially their flagship AI Suite do-it-all utility. The already excellent UEFI BIOS has been tweaked further and given a fresh coat of paint as well.


The Z87-Deluxe Dual is one of ASUS’ mainstream motherboards, which ASUS has moved from a blue and black color scheme to a black and gold color scheme. While I’m not used to it yet, I will admit that it’s pretty striking…kind reminds me of the John Player race cars of the 70s and 80s, not to mention my friend’s Trans Am. Of course, what we’re really interested in here are the features and performance, so let’s get started.


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