Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P620 Released

Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P620 Released

Gives You an Reliably Visual Workspace with Quad 5K Display Outputs

LEADTEK, the authorized channel partner of NVIDIA professional graphics card in the Asia-Pacific region, releases NVIDIA Quadro P620 featuring an NVIDIA Pascal GPU, 2 GB GDDR5 memory with up to 80GB/s memory bandwidth, and the power to support four 5K displays natively. It provides excellent performance in the entry-level segment, giving designers an expansive visual workspace to view all creations in stunning detail.


The Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P620 combines a 512 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large on-board memory and advanced display technologies that enables the creation of complex 2D and 3D models. The flexible single-slot, low-profile form factor makes it compatible with even the most space and power-constrained chassis. This makes it an excellent choice for professionals who are increasingly looking to the perfect balance of superb performance, compelling features, compact form factor and price.

Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P620 Released

The Quadro P620 features the most advanced display technologies and ecosystem interfaces to provide the ultimate visual workspace for maximum productivity. With support for DisplayPort 1.4, the P620 can drive resolutions of up to 5K (5120×2880) @ 60 Hz from a single cable. You can combine up to four Quadro GPUs in one system to simplify the deployment of display walls or other immersive display environments.

Designed for stability, Quadro P620 has certification with over 100 professional applications by ISVs to ensure hardware compatibility. Plus, Leadtek offers exclusive service including 3 year warranty and a global team of technical support for all Leadtek NVIDIA products series.

For more Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P620 specification Click Here

For more information please visit http://quadro.leadtek.com

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