AudioCheck Tone Tests

AudioCheck Tone Tests

Benchmark Reviews has used resources from audiocheck.net to experience the technical limits of headphones and speaker samples we receive for testing. In addition to their pre-compiled test files, AudioCheck also offers user-built custom files for download. We have assembled some test signals on this page for comparison:

BROWSER NOTICE: Many modern web browsers will pre-fetch portions of these audio files. For best results, pause a clip shortly after it begins, and then press play. Genuine tones will play after pause is resumed.

Low Frequency Tones

5Hz-6Hz (10 Seconds)

6Hz-7Hz (10 Seconds)

7Hz-8Hz (10 Seconds)

8Hz-9Hz (10 Seconds)

9Hz-10Hz (10 Seconds)

10Hz-11Hz (10 Seconds)

11Hz-12Hz (10 Seconds)

12Hz-13Hz (10 Seconds)

13Hz-14Hz (10 Seconds)

14Hz-15Hz (10 Seconds)

15Hz-16Hz (10 Seconds)

16Hz-17Hz (10 Seconds)

17Hz-18Hz (10 Seconds)

18Hz-19Hz (10 Seconds)

19Hz-20Hz (10 Seconds)

20Hz-21Hz (10 Seconds)

High Frequency Tones

TEST NOTICE: Many high frequency tones are not audible to people approximately over the age of 25.

15kHz-16kHz (10 Seconds)

16kHz-17kHz (10 Seconds)

17kHz-18kHz (10 Seconds)

18kHz-19kHz (10 Seconds)

19kHz-20kHz (10 Seconds)

20kHz-21kHz (10 Seconds)

21kHz-22kHz (10 Seconds)


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