Philips Momentum 436M6 DisplayHDR 1000 Monitor Available

Philips Momentum 436M6 DisplayHDR 1000 Monitor Available

The World’s First DisplayHDR 1000 Monitor from Philips is Now Available for Immersive Home Entertainment Experiences

The Philips Momentum 43” monitor is perfect to use in place of a traditional TV with a lower input lag, stunning 4K visuals, DisplayHDR 1000 certification and Ambiglow technology

Today EPI, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announces the availability of the Philips Momentum 43” 4K HDR Quantum Dot Monitor (436M6VBPAB), the world’s first DisplayHDR 1000 monitor with the new Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR 1000 Certification.

Philips DisplayHDR 1000 Monitor Available

The Momentum utilizes several unique features that make it a fantastic option as the centerpiece of home entertainment. It provides a stunning viewing experience with Quantum Dot color, 4K resolution and exclusive HDR performance. The high resolution and wide color gamut pair perfectly with 4K streaming services like Netflix or VUDU from any streaming device.

The Momentum also heightens the immersion of console gaming. Unlike a traditional television, the Momentum takes advantage of Adaptive Sync for tear-free console gaming, incredibly low input lag for fast-paced games and its Ambiglow technology to add a new dimension to the entertainment viewing experience. This technology projects light downward around from the screen in 12 colors for a beautiful ambient experience.

Due to the Momentum 436M6’s DisplayHDR 1000 Certification, it features a wider range of more accurate colors – especially dark reds and greens – that stay crisp and clear even in bright light. DisplayHDR 1000 delivers a peak brightness of up to 1,000 cd/m2, incomparable contrast and captivating color, that makes images come to life with much greater brightness while also featuring much deeper, more nuanced darks. It renders a fuller palette of rich new colors seen on the display.

“The Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K display brings a new level of picture performance that will offer a more intense console gaming and entertainment experience,” said David Ray, Marketing Director for North America at EPI. “Whether users are streaming 4K video or playing the latest games, the Momentum’s feature set will greatly outperform the traditional TV users are used to.”

The Philips Momentum 43 is now available at Best Buy and Amazon for $999.99.

High resolution images are available for download here.

To request more information on Philips displays, contact [email protected]

About EPI
Nothing affects your computing experience more than the monitor you see the world through. Envision Peripherals is the company bringing you Philips monitors and AOC monitors in North America. We are a subsidiary of TPV, the largest monitor manufacturer in the world, with over 60 years of manufacturing experience. The Philips monitor line offers customers in business, education, government, and in the home an unparalleled combination of smart innovation, vivid imagery and timeless style – all backed by an industry-leading four year advance replacement warranty. AOC’s exciting AGON gaming monitors are the choice of many of the world’s best gamers. AOC also provides a rich lineup of quality monitors sold for everyday use by businesses, schools and home users.

EPI has offices in Fremont (Corporate HQ) and Detroit. For more information, visit www.philips.com/monitors, us.aoc.com, or call (510)-770-9988.

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