Variable NODE Android-Compatible Modular Wireless Sensor Launched

Variable NODE Android-Compatible Modular Wireless Sensor Launched

Innovative wireless sensing platform gets horsepower boost, Android compatibility

Variable, Inc., developer of the NODE modular wireless sensor platform, today announced the addition of an Android-compatible NODE to its product line. The new version of the wireless sensor device, which is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, includes classic NODE functionality, plus an enhanced, accurate nine-degrees-of-freedom motion engine, faster processing speed and more onboard memory. The device features dual compatibility for Android and iOS.

“Android compatibility has been a primary question since we launched NODE. Adapting the technology in a way that allows us to offer NODE to Android users will create a more robust, demanding community across a substantial, new user base,” said George Yu, Ph.D, chief executive officer and founder, Variable, Inc. “I have continually been humbled to see the ingenious applications independent developers have brought to NODE, and opening the platform up to the talented pool of Android developers will surely bolster its functionality well beyond what any of us can even imagine.”

Variable NODE Android-Compatible Modular Wireless Sensor Launched

NODE supports a variety of sensing modules that can be connected to two expansion ports on either end of the device to create data for attributes of the environment, including gases in the air, color, humidity and barometric pressure. Featuring the same API as its predecessor, developers can continue creating new apps for NODE without experiencing a learning curve, and both new products are backwardly compatible with all existing NODE software.

Pricing and Availability

The Android-compatible version of NODE is available immediately for $149 (US). In addition, an iOS-only version of NODE featuring faster processing speeds and more onboard memory, is available immediately at a reduced price point of $99 (US). Both devices and the full suite of NODE sensors can be purchased directly from Variable, Inc. at www.variableinc.com.

“Offering NODE with expanded capabilities at a price point below $100 is a fantastic opportunity to make this platform even more accessible to a broader number of people,” added Yu. “Professional and early adopter support for NODE has been phenomenal, but it’s been my goal ever since starting this endeavor to make sure anybody who wants this technology can have it. I think this new price point achieves that.”

Manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Variable headquarters, the NODE platform is used in a variety of industrial, educational and professional applications. NODE can be expanded by both software and hardware and increase their capabilities through software application development and new sensor module releases.

About Variable, Inc.

Variable, Inc. is a leading developer of wireless sensing technology that is compatible with smartphone operating systems. By converting environmental attributes beyond the scope of human perception into tangible data, its products enable people to interact with their surroundings in ways not previously possible. For more information on Variable and its products, visit www.variableinc.com.

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