MSI MS-98D3 Ultra Low-profile Motherboard Launched

MSI MS-98D3 Ultra Low-profile Motherboard Launched

Brings POS System to New Altitudes

MSI, the leading brand of embedded computers recently released a new Mini-ITX embedded board that focuses on advanced POS application. Powered by the 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, MS-98D3 brings the POS system to a new level with the capability of multiple processing covering front-end retailing to back-end management at the same time, while keeps the system active and prompt at both ends.

MSI MS-98D3 Ultra Low-profile Motherboard Launched

The fast growth of information technology and network communication has made POS no longer in the stereotype of a stand-alone cash register in a store or restaurant, processing simple ordering and checkout works. With increasing POS system connected to network, wireless, or cellular communication to form a networked or even cloud-based POS system, high-end POS host is required by the market. The MS-98D3 is an embedded board designed in response to this demand.

The MS-98D3 is a tailor-made solution for POS system, featuring the ultra low-profile thin Mini-ITX design and the powerful 4th Gen Intel® processor. Complex tasks which include not only multiple ordering/payment data processing and printing, but also inventory management, sales analysis, CRM, financials, warehousing, and store management, can be done by the high-end POS hosts with MS-98D3. With this advanced POS board, true Point-of-Sale control from manufacturing/purchasing, logistics, to retailing is realized, and consequently the executive efficiency is enhanced.

MS-98D3 comes support RJ11 cash drawer, 8 USB and 6 COM ports, with COM1-4 powered and selectable by BIOS instead of H/W jumper, allowing users to friendly configure the COM port power without removing the chassis. Moreover, the 2nd display of MS-98D3 can be connected to an extended monitor or play multimedia files as a local digital signage that shows advertising messages at the shop or restaurant. More features of MS-98D3 are waiting for your experiencing.

Key Features:

• Standard Thin-Mini-ITX form factor with low-profile I/O for compact size embedded PC
• 4th-gen Intel® Core™ processor with new high performance
• Dual-channel DDR3/DDR3L 1333/1600MHz memory up to 16GB
• 2 independent display supported for 2nd monitor
• Multiple video outputs: VGA, LVDS, and internal VGA
• COM1~COM4 support power selection by BIOS
• Support DC-12V out for second monitor (for POS application)
• Support cash drawer function with RJ11 (for POS application)
• 8 USB ports ( 2 x USB 3.0; 6 x USB 2.0) for multiple peripherals connection
• Support SATA 3.0 and mSATA by miniPCIe slot

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