GIGABYTE Radeon R7 Series Overclock Edition Graphics Cards Unveiled

GIGABYTE Radeon R7 Series Overclock Edition Graphics Cards Unveiled

28nm GPU plus exclusive thermal solutions, the best choice for Gamers!

GIGABYTE, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware and system, is pleased to introduce the midrange gaming grade graphics cards, Radeon™ R7 Series Overclock Edition Graphics Cards (GV-R726XWF2-2GD, GV-R726XOC-2GD, GV-R725OC-1GI and GV-R724OC-2GI). Engineered to be the world’s most advanced graphics cards, Radeon™ R7 Series GPU features the award-winning GCN Architecture for spectacular gaming performance and power efficiency. With GIGABYTE’s patented cooling system and factory overclocked, Radeon™ R7 Series guarantees gamers to have the best gaming experience with realistic visuals and fantastic gaming performance! Radeon™ R7 Series also features the latest AMD APP Acceleration, and supports Microsoft DirectX® 11.2, AMD HD3D and PCI-Express 3.0. Looking for a midrange gaming graphics card? Radeon™ R7 Series is definitely the best choice for gamers.

GIGABYTE Radeon R7 Series Overclock Edition Graphics Cards Unveiled

Overclock Edition. Enjoy fantastic visual experience

GIGABYTE Radeon™ R7 Series not only built with the latest 28nm GPU, but also been factory overclocked by GIGABYTE. Radeon™ R7 260X series (GV-R726XWF2-2GD and GV-R726XOC-2GD) is overclocked from 1100MHz to 1188MHz; R7 250 is overclocked from 1050MHz to 1100MHz. With Radeon™ R7 Series Overclock Edition graphics cards, gamers can have an incredibly immersive HD gaming experience and unrivaled performance.

WINDFORCE 2X. Super Cool! Super Quiet!

GV-R726XWF2-2GD is specially designed with WINDFORCE™ 2X cooling system. Equipped with 2 ultra quiet PWM fans and copper heat pipe, the WINDFORC 2X cooling system can enlarge air channel on the graphics card vents and creates a more effective airflow system in chassis. It helps to stable the overall performance of the card and brings the ultimate enjoyment of visual quality for gamers.

For more information of GIGABYTE AMD Radeon™ R7 Series, please visit GIGABYTE VGA website at: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/list.aspx?s=43&p=52,[email protected]@[email protected],62&v=2,[email protected]@[email protected],23

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