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Lenovo Horizon 2 AIO Desktop Computer Review

The desktop computer is changing, acquiring hardware and software features first seen on mobile devices. As Microsoft works to unify the Windows experience across everything from phones to desktops, vendors work to make their desktops work more like phones, with integrated all-in-one designs, touch screens, and new user interfaces. Today Benchmark Reviews looks at Lenovo’s latest entry in this evolving category, the Horizon 2 All-In-One PC.

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Corsair H100i AIO Watercooler Review

Corsair H100i AIO Watercooler Review We thought we had finished with the series of AIO, did not count the fact that we missed one: H100i. Corsair quickly corrected the error and sent us a copy of its flagship 240mm. So, we will have a tour of almost exhaustive horizon production of AIO on the market. Clearly, …

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Corsair H80i AiO CPU Watercooler Review

Corsair H80i AiO CPU Watercooler Review We have quite apart-mounted lately. And so here we are at last in our series of AIO, the H80i. Corsair offers here an alternative to Antec 920 and Enermax ELC120. This is about a 120 push / pull playing in the courtyard of the performance. For this, it uses the …

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