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Does Sprint Booster Improve Vehicle Engine Performance?

I first learned of Sprint Booster after purchasing a 5th generation Toyota 4Runner in 2020, and discovered that the vehicle’s drive-by-wire accelerator introduced a throttle response delay in an effort to improve fuel economy for its ECO Mode feature. By comparison, this made the new SUV less responsive than my much-older 4th generation 4Runner. The Internet was filled with posts and reviews of buyers who were pleased with their purchase, but did Sprint Booster really improve their vehicle’s engine performance or increase efficiency like some of them claimed?

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Sprint Booster Throttle Response Accelerator Lag Fix

Sprint Booster v3 improves drive-by-wire throttle response acceleration signals transmitted from the accelerator pedal to computer system ECU. Our easy-to-install module is an Electronic Throttle Control lag fix, and restores acceleration performance in vehicles that induce throttle delay for fuel economy known as ECO Mode or similar. Sprint Booster restores accelerator performance and throttle response in only a few minutes!

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