Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

By Tom Jaskulka

Manufacturer: Func
Product Name: Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Model Number: FUNC-KB-460-US
UPC: 817301018913
Price As Tested: $99.99 Introductory Special / $119.99 Retail (NCIX)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Func.

Following the release of their MS-3 gaming mouse this past year (an excellent first offering that garnered our Golden Tachometer Award from Benchmark Reviews), the mechanical KB-460 is Func’s next offering in a line of new peripherals.  Utilizing Cherry MX Red switches, this LED backlit mechanical keyboard targets gamers and enthusiasts with a emphasis on simplicity and functionality.  The soft-touch finish, two port USB hub and optional driver-less installation serve to differentiate the KB-460 from other mechanical offerings, but is it enough to set the KB-460 apart from the competition?


The best way to test peripherals is to use them, so over the course of two weeks the Func KB-460 became my “daily driver.”  I used it to type this (and other) reviews, as well as for any games or applications I used during that time (there were more than a few rounds of Battlefield 4 played on the KB-460, as well as some Mechwarrior: Online, ARMA III and X3: Albion Prelude to try a few different keyboard-heavy games).  Along with my impressions, I’ll also include a few tests using some online keyboard testing suites to help illustrate the capabilities of this keyboard.

Features & Specifications

It doesn’t just perform the commands from your keystrokes, the KB-460 mechanical keyboard keeps you on your toes thanks to the rapid and responsive mechanical switches geared towards all styles of game play.. Ready to be plugged in and put to use straight out of the box or can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your unique gamestyle through the accompanying software. The KB-460 brings forth a perfect balance of performance, quality and customization options.

Tech. Specs.

Switch type: Cherry MX Red linear switch
Key design: Cylindrical
Actuation force: 45 g
Responsiveness: 2 mm
Anti-ghost: Full N-key roll over USB
Backlit: Individual LED’s on each key
Memory: Onboard 128 KB
Connect-through ports: 2 x USB 2.0
Cord length: 1.8m (braided)
Connector: USB 2.0 (gold plated)

Dimensions & Weight

448x198x33 mm
Netto weight: 1245g

System Requirements

Windows® compatible
Available USB port
10 MB free space on hard drive

Available layouts

US, French, German, Nordic, Russian & UK.

Specifications taken from the manufacturer’s product page.


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