Corsair Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset Review


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Corsair Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset Review

By Daniel McNamara

Manufacturer: Corsair Components, Inc.
Product Name: Raptor Gaming Headset
Model Number: HS30
Part Number: CA-9011121-NA
UPC: 843591038874
Price As Tested: $49.99 (Amazon | Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Corsair.

The Corsair Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset provides a solid performance at a budget price. Benchmark Reviews has tested this headset and the results will allow you to decide if the Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset is for you. The headset will undergo player evaluations and technical tests.


The primary purpose of a gaming headsets is to isolate your from your surroundings, and to allow clear communications with your comrades in arms. In fact, a good gaming headset is as important as life itself:

It seems like you have been running all day, blood levels are low, energy almost nonexistent and finally, the airport is in sight. You and your wing-man are looking to score big in weapons and supplies. This is what you have been killing yourself for. Your head is locked into in the game, every sound is critical, every word you utter, essential. You crest the small rise looking for the sniper that the chatter says is there. Suddenly a blood curdling voice rings out, “Supper. Get down here at once!” In that split second of inattention a shot rings out. Too late – you are dead; your wing-man alone and exposed. If only you had a Corsair Raptor HS30 Headset you would have had those couple of critical seconds to take care of business. Now it is back to the beach and another long haul…

In this article Benchmark Reviews has a look at the new Corsair Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset, in various environments, to help you decide if this is a tool for your gaming toolbox.


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